Instant Level 5 Frank West Off Basic Dante BnB


Why doesn’t anybody do this already? Gotta help all you guys out cause level 5 Frank West is fun to watch.

What makes you assume that we didn’t already know about DHCing from Million Dollars into a whiffed Survival Techniques led to a free level up opportunity?

Yeah you don’t even need 100 hits. You can do anything into super and then DHC and call Dante and get 2 photos putting you on level 5. In the corner it’s alot harder as you need them raised up in the air a bit and the timing is pretty tight so I recommend getting them out of the corner first (ie teleport off the spinny launcher thing before hammer if you’re close to the corner or bold cancel into S/spinny firey move after stinger wallbounce when at the corner)

Well considering that I haven’t see one video yet of someone doing this, I thought it would be a nice gesture…

OMG! NOW THERE’S 7 THREADS INSTEAD OF 6!!! BOO HOO. Instead of being babies every time someone posts a new thread that focuses on a specific aspect from a previous thread, how about just letting the forums grow a little?

I don’t think that repeating what is already known efficiently promotes growth.

Okay, fine. If for some reason this video helped absolutely no one, and everyone already knew how to get to level 5 Frank from landing a Dante hit, then I sincerely apologize.

If you have had posted this video with additional details like; does it work on all characters? can it be start off anywhere or it has to be mid screen/close to the end etc.

Because Dante -> Frank Lv5 is just easy as walking now.

with the final sky dance into reverb, how do you consistently get dante to flip to the other side
edit: figured it out, you need to get all the hits off the otg cold shower