Instant Messaging

Hey all,

After I recently reformatted my comp I realized how much of an old version of AIM I use and its mostly because its the only version that works with DeadAIM (5.5 or something).

Was wondering what you guys are using to talk on AIM? I heard the DeadAIM owner sold it to AOL and the new AIM has it integrated? I loved that I could block the AIM ads with DeadAIM, is that possible nowadays?

I’ve also heard of Trillian/GAIM, you guys use either of these? likes/dislikes of them?

I tried looking but couldnt find a FF addon to talk on AIM, just IRC :bluu:

Thanks for suggestions.


Before switching to a Mac I used a program called Miranda. When you download it you get a very simple IM interface, then you can download plugins to make it more robust. There are thousands of plugins to get for it and it took me a whole day to get it to where I wanted. Its basically a build-your-own IM interface.

I would suggest to start with a pack first though… like this…

oh yeah i also heard about Pidgin forgot to mention, what are your thoughts on that draculid.

Canto, that doesnt do like AIM, MSN, ICQ all in one does it?

i just use Trillian, because i can bundle all my windows together

i also like the blue/white style (even though its just the default style)

Yes, it does. All you gotta do is get the plugins for them. I used to run Yahoo, MSN, and AIM all at the same time.
I wouldn’t know if it does ICQ, but I bet it does… lol

I found Miranda after using Trillian… I didn’t like Trillian because it sucks MEMORY! Miranda is a very lighweight program, but it also depends on your plugins.

Same here, though I still run GAIM, I haven’t updated to pidgin yet. I believe it’s what GAIM used to be.

Since I’m on all the IM services, it makes the most sense. I used to run Trillian, but it was kind of a hog.


im a little confused by what you said, pidgin is the new GAIM right? you said its what GAIM used to be.

Basically they renamed Gaim to Pidgin after a legal suit. Same program, developers and all that. Just that they renamed it, and changed it up. (Colors, UI/fonts and layouts, really just graphic stuff)

well if it has no ads i may as well try it out!

Yeah, my bad. I chose my wording poorly :slight_smile:

haha no prob, thanks for the info! i’ll be on the lookout

is there a pidgin pro version btw?

No, it’s all free. So theres only one version.

ah i see ok

whatever you do. DO not, i repeat Do not get the those new AIM. They are a major resource hog. Sticking with 5.5 would probably be the best choice to go with.

Other than that, i use trillian and love it. There are alot of options for trillian. Might be a lil complicated, but you’ll see once you use it.

edit: let me give pidgin a try. I didn’t realize trillian used alot of memory. =X.

you could try using meebo.
you don’t have to download anything and you can just have it running in a browser tab.
it does multiple accounts at once and is pretty nifty. you can also access it anywhere you can get internet.