Instant overhead?



I’m trying to figure out how to do magneto’s instant overhead L. Is this supposed to be done from a super jump or a normal jump? What are the inputs for the over head L? Thanks guys :slight_smile:


I’m no expert, but I’m pretty sure that Magneto doesn’t have an “instant” overhead (a la Wolverine’s air light, Nova’s add light, or Firebrand’s air light). What he does have is several tri dash overheads like tri dash light (the most common), tri-dash H, tri-dash S, and tri-dash medium. Personally, I stick with the first 2. They are fast, but as the official guide says they are merely hard to react to. Whereas, the instant overheads of the characters I first noted are impossible to react to. You have to be guarding high before they even attack you.


You can fuzzy most regular sized characters with jump L, but I find jump M much more consistent. Do jump M into trijump L and start a combo from there.


You’re supposed to regular jump. jump in with a normal tri-jump and then immediately jump with j.L or j.M and this will hit them, you can then air dash df j.L to continue the combo.


He has an add j. L. Just needs to be done faster than tri-jump j.L.