Instant stun combos!

been a while since ive been on here but just found out something pretty cool! okay so after gettin lamed out by a really solid guile i went into training mode to figure some stuff out and found that using four bars after a focus can get you over 500 damage and instant stun!

if some one already brought this to everyones attention then really sorry but anyway…

focus - wait for guile to fall to his knees - ex rock - standing hp - cr hp - hk ruf FADC crack kick ex CU .

im guessin you could combo ultra 2 from his standing hp due to the fact it hits so late. Not sure what other character this will work on, its pretty tricky but not so bad you couldnt learn to do it.

Works on some other characters too.

ahh nice video, tbh i had a vague memory of seeing it somewhere before but got so excited at the thought of discovering my own combo lol.
the ch setups in the corner vs cammy are really nice but how viable are they? also do you know of any fancy stuff i can hit abel with? my buddy mains him and im struggling to keep up. that st lk and and fadc into ultra urrrgggh hes like the same char as cody but better lol:(

The Cammy combos are pretty easy to do, so I suppose the viability would be based on how easily you can land a counter-hit against a particular player…

Eternal posted some crazy Abel specific combos a while back: