Instrumental music thread

Hey guys i just wanted to make this thread to see what kind of instrumental music other guys here are listening to , so just come and post the name of the song , a link too maybe and try to keep it strictly instrumental . Mainly for recommending new music and stuff , so ill start it off

Dj Cam-Mad Blunted Jazz

Fat jon-why we dream

Boards of canada - Happy cycling

Flying Lotus - Massage situation

Madlib - Ashby Road

Dabrye - D-Town Tabernacle Choir

cool thread

Amon Tobin-Slowly

the fat jon track is sick

cool thread man. That d town tabernacle is my ring tone too!

but here is some good shit for ya


Sorry for the double post, but i love the video and the song as well.

anything from warp records is gold


I like me some instrumental music!

Animals as Leaders

Cloudkicker (you can download all his stuff for free!)

Rodriguez Lopez Productions

Does this count? Shpongle [media=youtube]qCZ4RPpsdlY[/media]
I don’t even do anything crazy just love the music

I’m guessing we might be seeing a lot of post-rock in this topic, so check these guys out:


Tangled Thoughts of Leaving

and my 2 favourite instrumental songs:
[media=youtube]GEo8IrU5MQk"[/media] They played this song live when they come down to Melbourne, I made a mess in my pants.
[media=youtube]VICy-hWqzxs"[/media] It’s not all beautiful music, this song is downright grotesque.


[ ill put more here soon ]

Any of you fine folks listen to post-rock? It’s a genre for those who don’t know…

[media=youtube]KG2zIDfc2uE[/media] Can’t have an instrumental thread without Nujabes.

[media=youtube]uwsmIfD9f2A]YouTube - Ed Harrison - Surface [Neotokyo OST[/media] This is a good album.

[media=youtube]VoaUYcwEpSw[/media] E.S. Posthumus is awesome.

[media=youtube]8Kwil6ViCvc[/media] If you dig hip hop instrumentals, I highly suggest you get the album this song is on. Possibly my favorite.

Gaslamp Killer - Sitar ride

certainly cant

You guys should check out Monkey Radio:

Got some recommendations I’ll post later. For now, just posting to subscribe.

What is post-rock? Is it rock minus the vocals? I can dig that as vocals are my least favorite thing about rock as a whole!

And I approve of this thread. Let’s try to avoid being too heavy with the techno and hip-hop. We have threads for those.

Jazzclassicalelectronic Amazingness

I present to you all, Mouse On The Keys

theres no need to avoid anything , ppl should post anything instrumental that they like , btw that track is pretty sick

Necro - You did it instrumental
this shit is so dark someone turn on the light i cant see:nono:



If you like ambient Drum and Bass…

Tycho - Past is Prologue

gdlk track