Instrumental Thread

Since the old one was deleted by the OP, making a new one… a whole lot of yall recommended a whole bunch artists I was into and couldn’t get em all…

So hopefully some good music can get recognized… this being said Madlib is a fucking genius… my favorite producer of all time…


Can be any genre of instrumental music…

Reposting to help support the cause.


I’ll post some more if I think of any.


I’ll post more later.

J Dilla= a musical genius, wouldn’t be surprised if people looked back and discovered he was one lol…

Jaylib Intro(INST)- Download

If anyone wants my post to magically turn into dl links let me know too lazy to upload everything…

I like math rock…

Giraffes? Giraffes!

Ghosts and vodka

I’ll just repost I contributed from the other thread


Animals as Leaders (Tosin Abasi is a fucking BEAST)
Animals as Leaders on MySpace Music - Free Streaming MP3s, Pictures & Music Downloads

Nothing that mind-blowing but I always come back to this song and love it

Samiyam - Trick Platfrom

God is an Astronaut, Godspeed You! Black Emperor, Venetian Snares and Explosions in the Sky are all pretty great.

Blockhead is good. Not too into his instrumental albums but the beats he makes for others are all really good.
[media=youtube]ajuAmfio3pA&feature=related]YouTube - Aesop Rock - Maintenance (instrumental) Produced by Blockhead [HQ[/media]

Peanut Butter Wolfcreator of Stones Throw Records, most of his songs are remixes I think(him being a DJ and all) but his song sounds extremely different from the source material…



Some friend’s bands:
Red Giant
La Fin Du Monde

Shit why don’t the best get recognition

Any case, Jamaica, Jamaica! Augustus Pablo is that dude, the master of dubs imo…

Braces Tower Dub No. 2

I would first like to open this post by saying that before I grabbed my keyboard, I grabbed my joystick to type. I’d also like to add that I originally spelled joystick as joystiq.


I’m really enjoying Sleepmakeswaves. The most recent album being the best (since it’s also the most aggressive).

While I am totally into Hip Hop producers left and right and I live off of Electronic music, I’d really appreciate it if someone who knows of any Modern Classical, Orcheastral, Jazz, Rock (instrumental only of course), and other artists would step in with some links. I’m just trying to expand and better understand music.

cracks knuckles Most of my knowledge of music would have to be Jazz and Soul… not into orchestral and I like Rock but don’t know very much of it…but maybe I might know of something you might like…

Weldon Irvine- Yasmin
[media=youtube]uO8vUJDgeag[/media] -Experimental Jazz Artist, has a different sound through different eras, so don’t expect the same thing from one track of his as you do for another…

Not Instrumentals but its Rockshrugs

Need any more music suggestion, ask… music collection is currently 32GB and rising…

oh my god I love you. I didn’t know anyone else in the world listened to G?G! I was going to post some of them next.

Rapp Snitches Knishes instrumental

[media=youtube]MSNNtIHCexE]YouTube - MF Doom - Rapp Snitch Knishes [Instrumentals[/media]

White Willow Bark


Exhibit C Instrumental


Luchini Instrumental


Ronald fucking Jenkees. One dude with a beat machine and two keyboards. He’s freakin’ SICK. YES.


[media=youtube]2UvzD4gZnw4[/media] (this song is so epic)


Couple game songs

Amon Tobin: [media=youtube]zLmw3k7S0Vo[/media]

Venetian Snares: [media=youtube]2PBeKzVhWHY[/media]

Aphex Twin: [media=youtube]TaXqU7hVVhI[/media]

Burial: [media=youtube]IlEkvbRmfrA[/media]

Autechre: [media=youtube]zF7VwQNv9Kk&feature=related[/media]

Console: [media=youtube]jaXNA1db3Xc[/media]

Four Tet; [media=youtube]IGsVzRA_IYQ[/media]

Boards of Canada: [media=youtube]lrBZeWjGjl8&feature=related[/media]

Odd Nosdam: [media=youtube]m_QMS3-WAN0&feature=related[/media]

The Books: [media=youtube]8Cx10MrMYB4&feature=related[/media]

Jel: [media=youtube]zk2KM22sbKA&feature=related[/media]

Picture Plane: [media=youtube]zk7JHvUM1YI[/media]

Death in Vegas: [media=youtube]ITVS2r-Fw5k[/media]

Flying Lotus: [media=youtube]t6SXXx1Fu_4[/media]

Pantha Du Prince: [media=youtube]xEJp2s2FnVI[/media]

Working For A Nuclear Free City: [media=youtube]N-HmS_JFn0U[/media]