Intec Combat Stick (PS3, Wii)

So I happen to be at my Future Shop looking for items and I happen to find the Intec Combat Stick at both the PS3 section and Wii section (both sticks are $29.99CDN). Has anyone ever tried these sticks? I don’t plan to get them yet but I just wanna know about the quality, casing, PCB, etc…if anyone has managed to get these.

Here ar the pics (pardon the crappy cell-phone quality):



Complete garbage…don’t deal with them :rofl:

To answer your question, no.

Done and done…and I mean done. :coffee:

I can tell those are crap right off the bat just on first glance. The cases are too damned small, even if the stick had good modding potential, playing on it would suck. Your hand would be constantly hanging off the edge…bahh.

Funny how there was enough thought there for a wrist-rest part for the buttons, but then they didn’t do anything about hand comfort for the stick. Half assed design all around.

Edit: i’d only get them if they were dirt cheap, for the sake of the PCB in future building. Assuming the PCBs in those are even worth a crap.

Bad joystick. Basura!

Yes, these sticks are absolute trash.

Since I do have a friend who got one (well, the same stick but under a different brand), here’s my impressions of it.

First off, there’s not enough space for your left/stick hand. There’s no real place to rest you hand, if you use wineglass grip, then your knucke is most likely going to be resting on the edge/corner - not a comfortable proposition at all. The stick itself is quite loose and the engage distances are a bit long.

The button are also larger than standard meaning that you might have to spread your fingers out more. That, combined with the fact that they aren’t as soft as regular japanese buttons means that, at least when I tried it, my hands got tired quickly.

I have one. It’s the first stick I bought, before I decided to just go all out and get a TE.

The stock parts are gutter trash, stick is extremely loose, I can pretty much hit the sides before I activate a microswitch, and the buttons are extremely hard to press, and quite often don’t even register inputs if you don’t hit them VERY hard in the perfect spot. I’ve looked at modding it since I have a bunch of old sanwa’s from my TE sitting around, but I can’t see a point to it, the case is trash, and no buttons in the world can save that, also, I couldn’t seem to find a way to get the buttons out without breaking something… I could show you guys the insides if you want to see it, not that anyone cares about this thing.

hahaha im from sauga too and i cannot believe i actually considered getting one of these before i even knew what a TE was…

It’s absolute trash but for what it’s worth, I got a couple for 20 bucks each and the PCB actually works fine on the PS3 and PC. I noticed no lag issues and it also has indicator lights that show what controller you use. Probably the only PS3 stick that does that. (I don’t know why the XBOX360 gets indicator lights on the TE but not the PS3)

I actually like it’s tiny footprint because I can fit a couple of these and my laptop for some portable shmups.