Intel LAN Fest SFIV Tournament (7/24/09)


Intel (Folsom, CA campus) is hosting a 48 hour LAN party and console gaming event on July 24-26. BYOC seating is sold out; however, console tickets are still available. Registration is $5 online and $10 at the door.

We will be running a SFIV tournament sponsored by Capcom on Friday July 24 starting at 9PM. There will also be tournaments and contests for GH2, RB2, SSBB and MKW over the course of the weekend.

For event details:
For tournament rules:


Whoa, this sounds cool. I’m gonna see about making this.


Hey did you run the previous LAN tournament also? If so, do you know carl plummer? I went to school with him.

I’ll probably be attending this as well.

edit: read some of the rules. are we allowed to use joysticks? if so, say the button layout does not conform to normal standards, are we allowed to reconfigure?

can you clarify the rules for qualifying? it’s unclear and some parts are TBA

what are the prizes usually like?


is there a way you can shift the tournament to the following day? the 408 has another tournament setup on the same day, and a lot of people are going to be there already, especially all the big name players such as LPN, Filipino Champ, and some others. I would personally like to attend this event as well, but I hate seeing scheduling conflicts or choosing to ditch the other tourney, especially since you posted in here after they did.

  • Crackfiend


Crackfiend stay in San Jose and let me handle this.


Also no one tell popo about this tournament.


my name is adrian, i have no idea what you’re talking about.


I have helped run a number of Intel LAN Fests before but I don’t know Carl Plummer.

The qualifying round is mostly to seed the teams for the single elimination tournament so we have a relative ranking of the teams before we start. Since this is our first SFIV event, we are not looking for a huge turn out so everyone that enters will likely compete in the tournament. We are still working out the details but it will likely be something along the lines of a survival challenge or some common benchmark. We will not likely announce what the qualifying will be until the tournament starts.

The prizing from Capcom is the tournament fight sticks and I got confirmation they are shipping them today. This is a charity event so the focus of most of the events is on having fun and not the prizes.

I am going to strip the rule about reconfiguring the controller setup. That was left over from the SSBB rules.

The tournament schedule is set. I am sorry if this conflicts with other events and I apologize for posting the event so late. There is little chance of avoiding schedule conflicts (both internally and externally) and since this is the first time we are running a SFIV event, it has low priority in the schedule.

Thanks for the feedback.


That’s fine, I understand that you guys have committed to a time slot and can’t rearrange it. But please let us know at least 2 - 3 weeks advance next time. NorCal has become extremely busy with tournaments prior to EVO, and will most likely continue to grow with the way everyone is coming alive in the community.

If you’re seeking a good turnout in the future, I’d recommend you doing that next time. If not, carry on with what you’re doing.


I’m a little confused about how registration would work. What do I sign up under and how much will it cost me if I simply want to play SF4


Davis will probably be at this. Unless Adrian the manwhore convinces us to go to San Whorese.

Stock characters only ? no unlockable characters
so arcade character’s only and no akuma O_o?


So only 16 teams will compete… who is the one deciding which teams are eligible to compete? how many sticks are being issued out? will the winning team get 3 sticks?


Come out to San Jose instead of this one. That is all. I win. GOGOGO!!


hmm… i wonder if they will allow people to use sticks? if they do my shit is mapped so u can use default mapping on it… lucky me


what… there’s a tourney there a few years after i leave : p
lamebutt. so ant, did you tell them to run it? i’ll get the department to go cheer for you : D


This sounds fun i might drop by


How on god’s name do i get my team into the tourney?


+1 :wtf:


Go here instead, CRAZAY ASS TOURNAMENT, Sunnyvale 7/24 muahaha.
Jk, go to wherever you want but we are still taking pre-registers :]]


Since I live like a block away, I’ll go.

Matt and Mike you wanna team up?