Intemediate Cody's



I’m a Boxer/Honda main and one of my hardest matchups is this character so could i have some matches with you guys to scrub up those weak portions? GT: greenryu.


attack him often, and attack him hard. cody can’t stand rush down. try to score as many knockdowns as possible because he’s friggin free on wakeup. low attacks will prevent any normal zonk game (hondas, rogs for instance) in footsies. when you’re on him don’t let go. hand combos / jab into rush punsh all day long. don’t get fooled by fake rock game and never ever jump in. due to cody’s slow backwalk you can catch up wth him any time.

IF he should be on you. don’t press buttons. wait for a safe opening to get away or turn the table.


Boxer and honda are 2 matches i know very well. with boxer, you cannot approach cody by using rush punches to get in, unless you like losing. You have to learn to walk forward and use jabs and instead to close the gap. If you manage to score a knockdown, tick throw games are your best friend. All cody can do is sit there and wait to tech throws. he cant ex bingo safely unless he has 3 stocks ready. ex CU is his best reversal option, but even then, he may still get jabbed due to the move’s extremely small invincibility window. EX CU is 100% throw invincible tho.

If you are gonna rush punch from a distance, only use jab dash straight and low rush punches. low rush is the only move that will beat bingo due to the move’s low vulnerability. When using dash straight, be unpredictable, dont spam. it’s very hard for anyone to properly react to this move in time, even with bingo.

as for honda. dont jump. simple as that. if you do decide to jump, j.strong is your best friend. keep your game grounded. honda s.hp,, and c.lp in a footsie game gives cody a lot of issues. all of theses moves shut bingo down, and also make it very hard for cody to bust out normals. If you are a patient player and can build a lead than sit on it, then do it. cody has no full screen pressure. its too easy to jump the rocks. on top of that, you can do an ex headbutt and hit cody, full screen, if you do the ex slightly before the rocks make it full screen. You can do this because at full screen, the rocks are almost on the ground, which allows you to fly over them. Cody has to be really careful in this regard. Cody cannot punish ex headbutt, on block. lp headbutt can ONLY be punished with a U2 IF the headbutt was done at point blank range. medium and fierce headbutt can be punished with u2 and medium ruffian, at any time. super, on block, cody can only punish with into medium ruffian, AFAIK. So if you ever feel frisky and try to go for s.hp xx super and messed up, thats about all the damage you will take(not a lot)


Honda’s super is -6 on block, meaning it’s just out of range for U2 to punish.

So the only conceivable punish would be xx something, or if it could reach (which I don’t believe it can) xx something.

Why won’t U2 punish EX Headbutt though? Does it hit him out of the air?


I find a lot of Honda’s just straight up walk into most st.rh that i throw out.


because ex headbutt is friggin safe on block, due to the range he flys back, thus the sand doesn’t reach him in time. 7 frames is right in front of cody, anything further away need more time to be hit. you can pnish it in the corner, tho.


You can punish Honda’s super with The most damaging punish without meter is c.MP -> MK Ruffian, with meter the most damaging is s.LP -> LP CU -> Super otherwise do s.LP/c.LP or c.LK into Hk Ruffian FADC xx.

The reason U2 can’t punish EX Headbutt on block, even though it’s -8, is because it pushes the opponent back quite a bit and this gives Honda about 2 frames of extra recovery (excluding when he’s in the corner btw) so a move that starts up in 6 frames and travels horizontally would be able to punish it . A good thing about reversal ultra 2 against EX Headbutt is Honda is forced to block it. If he tries to jump or do another move he’ll get hit and Cody will get the full animation, this is useful if you want to chip Honda when he’s low on health.


tho, i can’t imagin how any honda ever failed to land his super. I mean when I play honda I hit confirm that shit for sure. hands xx super is quite a good hitconfirm