Intense Managing Games?


Hey, am kinda bored after wrecking some scrubs online. Am looking for games that has intense managing features like these.

-Fallout 1&2
-Xcom Ufo Defense
-Mech Warriors
-Jagged Alliance

Thanks !


Gratuitous Space Battles


Think Frozen Synapse counts. though not as intense as mechwarriors imo. holy shit @ that game.


Galactic Civilization 2 and Sins of a Solar Empire. Hella managing.


Civilization 5
Empire Earth 2
Deus Ex
Elder Scrolls 3: Morrowind
SimCity 4 (Rush Hour)
Baldur’s Gate 2 and expansions
The Witcher 1 and 2
S.T.A.L.K.E.R. and expansions

There’s alot of styles of gameplay in those suggestions, but all these games are “complicated” and offer alot of freedom.

Also, I noticed you mentioned F1 and F2, and I would suggest you give Fallout: New Vegas a go. Play it on hard + hardcore.


along with this guy’s reply, to give it extra hardness, I suggest you dl as many (non-conflicting) mods as possible to give it as much realism as possible.



and uh

warcraft 3


starcraft 1. I would say starcraft 2, but I just got done playing starcraft 1 and its much more micro/macro intense.


I would say either of the Operation Art of War games. The old style war games provide and use more information than any other genre. They are really crazy. There are other ones that are really insane, but I would have to look at my PC gamers from like 1998, back when they still covered the war games.


Master of Magic :pray:


nobunaga’s ambition?


You seem to like turn-based tactical combat games like me.

the rest of the Xcom and Jagged Alliance series if you haven’t played them yet.
Silent Storm series
The Temple of Elemental Evil (turn based DnD 3.5 combat)
The Gold Box Engine games (old school turn based DnD)
Fallout Tactics
Gorky 17
Heroes of Might and Magic series
King’s Bounty series
Space Hulk (or it’s more recent inspirit remake, Alien Assault)
Star Wolves 1 (the rest of them aren’t good)
Knights of the Chalice (good indie RPG)
Krondor games (Betrayal at Krondor, Betrayal at Antara, Return to Krondor)
Master of Orion series
Master of Magic
the Infinite Engine games (Baldur’s Gate series, Icewind Dale series, Planescape: Torment)
Ogre Battle/Tactics Ogre series (the recent PSP remake of Tactics Ogre is gimped so play it on PS1 or translated SNES rom)
Koei strategy games.
Paradox strategy games.
Civilization series and other Sid Meier games such as Alpha Centauri and Colonization
King Arthur the Role Playing Wargame
Total War series


yeah i played new vegas already, it was decent, nothing like the old ones, i also played fallout tactic and didnt find it good. I might give it another try tho. The witcher is out of the question, 10gig, fuck that. Gratuitous space battles seems pretty cool.


Master of Orion (any of them)
Civilization (any of them)
Ultima (any one of them apart from 8 or 9 I guess)
Dungeon Master (any of them)
Stone Keep
Wizardry (any of them. 8 was the last one)
Eye of the Beholder (any of them)
Ogre Battle 64 (best one of the series)
Any Black Isle game
Any old Bioware game (I think KOTOR was the beginning of the end)
La Pucelle
Final Fantasy Tactics (any of them)

Basically you’re mostly going to be playing old games because most developer’s think we’re all borderline retarded nowadays and would rather not deal with numbers or anything else overly complicated.

How I do miss old Dungeon Crawlers :(. Does anyone know of any modern ones?


how are the non-3D Fallouts?


Superior in each and every way? Heh.




which ways


Every way… Except graphics.


I beg to differ. Fallout 3 & NV has the old elder scroll IV engine, plus 2d graphic ages very well compared to 3D.