Intentionally whiffed moves in combos


One of the most fun things for me to see in a combo is intentionally whiffed moves. The very notion of it somewhat runs counter to the notion of what a combo normally is, and that’s why I find it so attractive. I was reminded of this while watching the sonic hurricane+friends style exhibition shown at Evo, where right near the start of the video, SFA2 Sakura whiffs a jab that chains to standing short.

Sometimes we have (somewhat) practical uses, like Kyo doing [DP xx HCB+P(whiff)] x N in CvS2.
Sometimes we have pragmatic uses, like Q whiffing a low jab to get the timing for the dash punch juggle after SA2. (though with that crazy long drop time, you could whiff all kinds of junk and get away with it).

But I’d love to know what things people have come up with for whiffing moves in the middle of combos, especially to make the combo more showy. Maybe there are games where whiffed moves are really important in combos? (Well, Melty Blood made chaining into whiffed jabs a significant option in rushdown…) Custom combos tend to make this a bit easier.

other Thoughts:

  • Kara/whiff cancels may or may not fit the spirit of this ideal. But since kara palm with Yun rocks, it’s open to debate/interpretation. I do think that in general it looks and seems cooler when the cancel at least occurs during/after active frames, because then there is the possibility of the move hitting the opponent, but of course the hit doesn’t actually happen. When short short super is done with Ken in ST, the renda cancelled short is practically invisible.
  • The ideal is of course the whiffing of a move’s full animation: startup, active, recovery. There’s nothing quite like seeing an entire move completely whiff, but the combo continues anyway.
  • Whiffing moves while the opponent is dizzy is sometimes actually really important to build meter ([media=youtube]_qca2gdm3Y"[/media], where many of the combos require it), but that’s not really in the same spirit of it, is it?


Play Melty.


alpha 3


Alpha 3 you have to intentionally whiff moves to get most good V-ism combos.

Examples: [media=youtube]FjwPFQIavFw[/media]


ah1 heart panchy loop


Noel had that whiff-throw combo in BlazBlue.


I was about to mention the same thing. I can’t think of many times you do it in SF but in Melty this is a common thing in combos.


Tekken 5 and especially 6


Not true, in Tekken it’s more like some strings don’t completely hit in juggles. And it’s not just 5/6, it’s been that way for a long time.