Interactive Graphical Aspects

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Ok, since everyones basically gotten the gameplay issues out in the open, and most(but not all) kinda get the idea of what the people want in terms of gameplay(until something develops).

So, lets talk about graphics. Please keep in mind im not a graphic whore and would just like to see some new things that add eye candy, because, yes, in order to get new people, there WILL have to be eye candy to some extent, but not overdone.

In terms of SF, the most interactive, IIRC, that i’ve seen was with barrels and crates and the car? That’s all I remember. Sorry

What do I mean by interactive?
Basically, have objects do more things. Not like, if a building falls on top of the character = instant kill…no no no
One common thing I remember thinking was if a hadoken whiffs, where does it go?

Well take this example:
Say the techies do a re-done stage of Ken’s old stage, like Ken’s stage 20 years later or whatever. You have a crate (or barrel?) at the far right side of the screen. A hadoken whiffs and hits the crate, lighting it on fire, or singe it, whatever have you.

In the feedback thread, I posted about having 3d - ish camera angles whenever specific actions were done.

Ken does his 3s throw, where he kinda throws forward but to the side, the camera angle changes the second the character would hit the ground, to a different perspective of the area.

Now lets say we go back to ST Chun stage in China. Round starts off in front of the shops. Ken throws Chun, or whoever, and the camera angle changes, Ken is now facing away from the shops, but its still in 2d fashion. (The background basically does a 90 degree turn) Then say Ken gets backed into the corner (in front of the shops) and Chun throws Ken. Ken would now be thrown through the front of the shop and now they’re fighting through a hole in the wall and the middle of the shop.

Now lets say there’s a table in the shop. Ken does his RH kick and it hits a table, the table breaks(does no damage to Ken)

Get what i’m saying?

Any other ideas? Post up.

EX does the camera change thing with some moves/throws. It’d be cool if it comes back, that is if the game’s still in 2D

They already have some of this. You can break statues and barrels and stuff on SF2 stages. In SF3 something on Chun’s stage is breakable and Ryu’s bag can get knocked over.

That’s good enough. Any more would just be distracting. SF4 does not need gimmicks.

Changing the camera angle should be at a minimum, perhaps only on supers. Again, if the camera is flying around all over the stage every time someone pulls off a move, it’s distracting and annoying.


I would figure change the angle with throws and supers depending on how that attack looks. I don’t think it would make the game too camera movement crazy, which I do agree should be minimized.


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