Intercepter VS emil: FINAL ROUND FIGHT!

emil? did it feel to get the holy crap kicked out of you in ST by me? Did it feel good? Heh. I don’t know about you but it felt great to me… yo Man, that ryu of yours STINKS SON! HAHAHAHA. Fighting game fundamentals?? Chea right. I suggest going back to Street fighter 1, and learn the basics. lol. And btw, It may work for you in other games you play, but turtling in Street Fighter???..It just aint gonna win you matches stupid. Also, kicking out the person for beating you up after one match aint gonna get you any better in the game, so I recommend you just quit playing now.

GOD YOU SUCK LOL…I really can’t get over that. I don’t even think you even dp’ed me ONCE. lol.

I mean i’m not going to just kill your entire rep like that. I’m a fair guy. I can teach you how to play…but thats totaly up to you. Other than that just continue to sit back and watch some youtube videos and let the better players handle this shit. Your just embarrassing the SF community.

I’m no fan of Emil AT ALL, but picking on a guy who’s new at a game- even if he does it to others- don’t really think that’s fair.

It would be like him trashing you at your 2k2 game.

If that was true then yes your right, picking on him would be wrong, but that wasn’t the case at all.

You don’t know our previous battles, and all what he has done and said about me. Plus he goes around saying that he can own me in st. So I had no choice but to prove him wrong. What else could I’ve done?


I never said I played ST and it was only one match. Also the game was lagging but whatever. And you whiffed more than enough anti-air kicks but didn’t get punished for it, that was my fault. Either way, yeah your little trick failed and it looks pretty bad to make this useless thread right now, which will obviously get locked.

Edit: and I haven’t done anything to you technically. A bunch of people told me all you do is jump attack and use lag tactics, respected players. I’m not doing anything to you, I’m telling you what others have said.

lol. How did it fail? You let me in right?..yeah it was your fault beacause all you did was ninja turtled the game. Heh. Pathetic. Yes you kicked me out because you sucked therefore there only could of been one match. You fuck nut.

Honestly though emil…as long as I now know, that you know, that I know, that you know, that everyone knows, that I know that you suck. That all that matters to me now.

And stop lieing you do play st. And don’t say that i lag abuse again and that i can’t play or you just get another beat down. And don’t try to make up any other stories because there were witnesses watching.

I kicked you because I knew exactly who you were and what you were doing. Also, I hope you know that impersonating someone in the server is a 30000 minute ban, and when you do show up, youw ill get banned.

I suck? That’s not what Kyokuji and Lucky would say…


Totally irrelevant…didn’t even read what I said. I’m telling you that other people said you lag abuse. If you want to assume I’m just making it up, then go ahead. Doesn’t really change the fact that they said what I said they said.

lol whatever emil…blah blah blah blah

Oh and btw thanks for the extra 9 green blocks all of a sudden lol whomever you guys are. hehe…

how many green blocks you got emil? lol

It’s one guy…when someone reps on SRK, it usually results in 10+ blocks being added.

This is like a rematch of Jimmy vs. Timmy. :tdown:

Lets not do this. Thank you…