Interest Check: 5 PS1 pad PCBs plus extras

I recently got a bunch of PS1 pads from a craigslist deal.

Note that these aren’t dualshock PCBs, just the digital only pcb.
In other words, these PCBs came from the very first playstation controllers.

I got 3 unhacked and 2 hacked that need quick disconnects and a wiring harness added.
I also got 2 third party pads I can threw in if you want. I couldn’t open one though.
I will also include some seimitsu wiring harnesses. I believe I have around 5, but I will need to double check.

Anyway, I want to see if there’s any interest for those.
If I remember correctly, hacked PS1 pads go for like $15.

So for everything, I would ask $40 plus shipping?
If that’s too much let me know.

Not that I would buy it, but it sounds like a reasonable price. I would buy this if I was in need of PS1 pads.