INTEREST CHECK: A 3rd Strike tourney in which Chun/Yun's best supers are banned


I don’t play 3rd anymore, but I was just watching some match vids and was thinking about how fun this game would be if Chun and Yun were balanced out. Banning them is too extreme, banning their best supers (Hoyoku-sen and Genei-Jin) is a good way to balance those characters but keep them tourney viable.

Anyone else think this would be a fun format for 3rd Strike?


No, kill yourself


I vote for a Blue Nocturne Remy only tourney.


Dude that’s dumb.


They’re not that fucking good, theyre no JJBA Petshop. It’s just a dumbass idea


I think its fine the way it is, no need to change something that’s not broken.


Like…they’re good enough to have won just about every single major tourney. Like, every single one. But okay.


i’ve thought of this before. i think it would make the game more interesting. and yes, this game is broken balance wise.


Forfeiting Yuns for their bust-assedness amount of work perfecting their Genei Jin makes me ;_;


Hey Sagat is top tier in SF4 so we should ban his ultra, right guys?

… guys?


12 only with X-Copy only! Also you are not allowed to see your character, both players must be invisible at all times.


What is this, Super Smash Brothers 3rd Strike?


Two of my friends did this the other day, I nearly cried from laughing so hard.

On topic: terrible idea.




hehe, I’d rep you if I still could :rofl:


lol i got a better idea, let’s use all the point is just bite the pillow and let it happen or fight that shit. leave the game alone


amazing idea…no not really


That is an awesomely bad idea. :smiley:


I think Yun drops in the tiers A LOT without GJ. Unless I’m mistaken (I’m not a great yun player), he’s got nothing on Yang without it, and Yang is only mid or mid-high, depending on your view. Yun would lose out the most here. Chun still has her pokes.


SF3 tournament using only your feet.

Registration is at 3:00PM