Interest Check: Arcade stick boxes

I have a shop available to me, and I was wondering who would be interested in buying arcade stick boxes. this of course means no joystick parts, but if theres a lot of interest i may invest in parts as well, but for now i just want to see who would be interested in boxes only.

::Raises Hand:: I would love that. I’m interested in a case for Japanese parts, preferably a new sega astro city layout.

can you post up pictures/links?

Astro city here also, mounting for seimitsu ls-32-01

This is the actual template/layout. If you check the tech talk group and look at the essential joystick thread you’ll see different layouts and suggestions for boxes etc. In there you’ll see how to mount Sanwa/Seimitsu and what height the shaft for the joystick has to be.

kk thx for the help, i’ll keep yall noted on our progress…

I would like to show interest in a blank box.

What are the materials the boxes are made out of?

Ya almost forgot, if you can also include a lexan/acrylic top with button holes and joystick hole that would be awesome. It helps for us that like to put art on our sticks. When doing Japanese part boxes try keeping the box fairly small in height,width, and length. I’m not a big fan of a box that’s huge. Big boxes work well with happ parts.

Thanks dood you’ll be a great asset to our community. A number of our stick builders quit building and some of us need sticks ASAP.

Only advice I can give ya, is take it easy, feel out what it is to be a stick builder, otherwise, welcome to the community.

thanks for the tips and concerns, i currently go to an art school, (im an industrial design major) so i get access to a pretty large shop, and yea i was planning on having the holes and everything already in, i have a good bit of experience of how the stick market kind of evolved here, I bought my first stick from snaaaaake, and i got a stick from paintedpale ( i think) a few months ago, as well as a MAS stick, T5 sticks, and HRAPs…so i have an idea of what goes on inside

And yea i personally like sanwas so i know about the size, I planned on making sanwa sticks in the first place, but as of right now, i’ll probably make the boxes till im more confident with the process…the only thing im not too familiar with when it comes to making the whole stick, is soldering from the pcb, ive only worked with pre-soldered pcbs with wires, so all i had to do was jus solder the wires to the buttons which is pretty easy…but from what I can tell from one of my sticks I have here, is the person just soldered the location of the PCB and then hot glued over it…but i’ll check some of the tutorials to make sure…

but Im glad to see the interest, so i’ll definitely start looking into materials and such, My turn around times should be hopefully fairly fast, the only concern is being at an art school, art projects can take a good bit of time, but i’ll probably run a few test runs soon, so i’ll keep everyone posted on my progress…i’ll most likely be working with particle board, and yea i need some way of making money here at school, so I think that i could be able to be a good service to the community especially with the shop given…If this all goes well i should be able to produce a few boxes within the next few months, and when it hits summer, If i still have access to the shop then i’ll be able to produce a lot more since i’ll be taking less classes…

but anyway wish me luck, thanks again. :smiley:

I’m interested in this idea NamyNam. Keep us updated!

Like my previous statement, can you tell us what materials you’d be making them out of? Im gonna guess wood, but I’d love a metal box.

After researching some, My friend and I were thinking that we would start off with MDF boards. We also are thinking of doing an all thick Plexi Glass like box, or a hybrid of the 2. Im not too familiar with working with metal, but if you want a metal look, we could always cover MDF with sheet metal…but I’ll hafta do more research on it, but I kno starting off we’re gonna use MDF to get experience, but my friend said he could probably use some thick plexi, so we’ll see how it goes.

I NEED A BOX… so please, i too raise my hand

Do you want a box? what’s kind case? metal or MDF wood or Hardwood or plastic…blah…blah…zzzZZZ:zzz:zzzzzZZZZZzzzzzz

(wake-up) :yawn:

difference woods

metal aluminium ( funny story)

i would love wood… but prices get high for dat and metal…

so mdf is probably my price range

that layout’s buttons are too big… trust me when i say this becaue i had mameroom use it for a custom control panel and it came out all fucked up.

luckily they replaced it for only a 10$ fee (this was my fault, not theirs) and even allowed me to change the design.

I would be fairly interested in a sanwa box.

What would you suggest as a template? I like the HRAP 2 Template.