Interest Check: Blaze Twinstick PS1, stock, Boston




dang too bad you won’t ship I’d probably buy it if I had the funds for shipping it ha ha


can u take a pic of the inside?


Serpentarius’ how-to modding thread has lots of pics:




final bump


Interested if you change your mind about shipping.


If I ship it will be over the summer, if I can’t sell locally before then I’ll look into it. It’ll prob be $20 to ship, easy.


what if I pay for and set up the shipping for you. You box it but i will have UPS come by and pick it up for you. All you would have to do is box it and slap a label on it. Let me know. PM me.


I can pick it up and I would love to work on it, but after I finish it, I have absolutely no use for it lol.


^make sweet love to it?


id hella buy that if you’d ship. thats awesome