Interest check: bunch of modded arcade sticks *pics added*


Hi im looking to unload a bunch of my sticks and possibly misc. Stuff
but I only wanna sell if the interest is there, im not hung up for money so no low ball offers

First I have a dual modded TEs, I removed the turbo panel and it has a full panel art & plexi from tek innovations, internal has a ps360 select button is home/turbo, artwork is all the females from marvel 3 & plexi has ps3&360 button labels, all white buttons w/matching dustwasher/shaft cover, hello kitty balltop from vicko… Looking for atleast $220 shipped, the thing has been barely played on.

Second I have a Chun li TEs but I no longer have the Chun li art for it, again full panel plexi and art from tek, modded with a TE kitty, ”Tron style” M.Bison art, ps3 labels and tru_kaos etched on plexi, sanwa clear green/blue buttons even on start and select, sanwa clear blue balltop clear dustwasher/shaft cover again barely used, looking for atleast $250 shipped

third I have a sfxt fightstick pro RED, PCB is a paewang, 6 button thin plexi from tek, buttons are red black and white, balltop is black with matching dust/shaft cover, wont include art since when I cut it the edges are a little rough barely played on again I want $200 shipped

marvel 3 TE art (official) like new $15 shipped

Paewang USB cables $5 shipped each I believe I have 3

red & yellow TE Bezels $7 shipped each

Im only selling if the interest is here, and my prices are pretty firm since my gf doesnt want me to get rid of any of my collection, I just wanna speed up the process of getting a new PC

Pics will be posted after I get enough interest I guess or if people really wanna see them


i would love to see pics of all three


Balltop is different now (sanwa clear blue)