Interest Check: Cheap Sega Blast City Cabinet


Alright, before I get started on the details…
This cabinet is not with me. It’s back with my family in Vegas. (I am in texas)
So any questions, no matter how minor, should be asked before we set anything up.
They will not be able to answer anything about, except maybe a description of the condition.
Also, very important, the cabinet has not been powered on for like 3 months. (I may be able to get a friend to check it out, if needed)
It was working perfectly fine before I left.

I will ship this cab, but you have to take care of the shipping arrangements. I may be able to have someone help load it up.
These cabs usually sell for higher, but the burn-in brings down the price a lot.
Also, I need cash.

Cabinet Pros and features:
Original Nanao MS2931 Autosync Monitor (Tri-sync, so 15/24/31khz resolutions supported)
VGA Connection on monitor (easiest way to hook up a console to a cab)
Like new Sega 001 Loom (Let’s you play JAMMA and JVS games)
Repro Sega Blast City Control Panel (Glossy, not matte)
Fully populated controls (2 Players 6 buttons)
Seimitsu Skeleton Buttons (Green and Pink. Have about a month or 2 use)
Seimitsu LS-32 sticks with Green and Pink meshballs (about a year of home use. Sticks also have shaft covers)
CPS2/CPS3 kick harness included
Marquee Light is working
Monitor has been repaired before, so you shouldn’t have to worry it about breaking
Comes with original Sega key and locks
Side art is still 90% intact
Accepts quarters (haven’t tested this with a game, but the coins are sorted properly. Quarters into the bucket, everything else into the coin return)
Has chrome coin entry slot
Doesn’t have very much body damage
Bass Fishing/Cabinet manual included

Cabinet Cons:
Pretty noticable Sega Bass Fishing monitor burn-in
Monitor has some convergence(not too noticable during gameplay)
Cabinet has holes from being converted into a Sega Bass Fishing cabinet
No lock for the coin door
Left side speaker grill slightly bent
Control panel overlay has a big scratch on the right side(came that way)
P1 control harness is very badly wired. Works though
The black border on the instruction sheet glass is scratched up
Marquee cover has some white spots that I couldn’t remove

Now onto the pictures. Should answer a lot of questions hopefully.

Full body shot:
Bottom of screen burn-in(monitor off):
Top of screen burn-in:
Monitor running:
Monitor dot cross hatch:
Monitor color bar:
Control Panel top:
Cabinet bottom:
Cabinet bottom2:
Cabinet side damage(sorry about the reflection):
Side art(right):
Marquee(notice the white spots):

I have more pictures, some video, and I can possible get more pics if requested.
Anything 3rd Strike related is NOT included(game, marquee, move strips). My friend is the proud owner of them now.
Also have the original bass fishing pcb, control panel, and cabinet raiser.

Please ask any questions.


TL;DR version

Blast City Candy Cabinet
Has noticable burn-in, but the monitor is original
Ready to play JAMMA games(and JVS with an I/O board)
CPS2/3 kick harness included
2 Player panel installed with all necessary sticks and buttons.
Cosmetically good, but has mounting holes from being a Bass Fishing Cabinet

Im interested in it. Do u know how much it weighs for shipping purposes. Pm me to discuss it further

I have bought two cabs from this man and I’m sure I’d already have this one too if I had the space for it. Dude is legit and takes care of his stuff better than most people. Buy with confidence.