Interest check: Chun-li TE custom balltop


As many of you know, I sell custom balltops. After recieving my last batch I came up with an idea. That idea is a balltop to match the Chun TE! The only issue with me going ahead with it is the amount of balls I have to buy upfront to get a custom color is 250. If I could presell close to half I will get them made. I was thinking a trans blue with yellow/white swirls. Size would be 35mm and they would be $18 shipped. Here a picture of the deaign that made me think of this:

Thoughts? Any interest?


Would definatly want one for my chun te :slight_smile:


oohhh thats a steep number. but yes same for me I’d take one


1 for me too.


I’d take one.


I know!!! I figured they’d need 100.


While I have no personal need for it, I’ll definitely pass it around to friends and locals.


Though I wouldn’t go for this particular colorway, I will certainly ask some of my IRL friends. Cool stuff!


The interest check is a good idea. That number is rough. You might see if you can partner with some resellers so you’re not sitting on so many.


Hi, I like the style of the balls. Would it be possible to get one looking like a flame. Say Iori from KOF flames for example. If so I would love to buy one off of you. So when it lights up the flames come out similar to the photo you provided.