INTEREST CHECK: CONTEST - Ladies of Stick Fighter


I’m in talks with SRK Staff & MrWizard to throw a neat little contest going on with a nice prize for the winner.

This basic idea is to take nice/creative pictures of girl(s) with an arcade stick. The hotter the better.

A few ground rules.

No nudity.

But keep your eyes peeled, I just wanted to get an interest check.

Winner will get a Comic-Con TE stick.

SRK, we da best, so lets have the best pictures.

small print guys can take pics of themselves with the sticks too, we are an equal opportunity site after all runs away




the pics dont have to be scantily clad or feature some crazy beautiful woman… be creative, use photography to emphasize your subject(s) (person and stick)…




I like this idea. Who is going to decide the winner?


Interesting indeed.


Panel of judges.


I’d be down with this


I want a Comic-Con TE stick… Might have some of my ex’s stuff around here still. Not my fault if you get an entry of me in drag.


US-only contest or worldwide?


I’ve got a pretty good idea for my picture…


Oh shit…epic win.

My entry is so going to be some epic fail. >_<


Does it matter what kind of stick we take the pics with?

For instance, a TE vs. an EX-2?

Also, any limits on photoshop?


Interested yet frightened at the same time. If that makes any sense.


Sounds like a great idea.


This thread would generate more interest if you changed the title to:

INTEREST CHECK: Contest - Chicks with Sticks!


when does it start and when it will be the last day? Also when will the decision be made?


Also how many pics will you be allowed to put in? I think that the pics should be based on real chicks instead of fake images of females…so can we get a little more details?


They have to be actual photos taken.

Details on the contest will be up soon.


Good I like that now…may the best man or woman win…good luck everyone and also whats the limit of photos that can be posted?


Haven’t decided on it yet, but the more pics the better I say, after all there is only one grand prize winner.