Interest Check - contribute site with collection of Modding tutorials


Wanted to see if there would be a interest in this. I have been coming to SRK for over a year now and have greatly benefited from the vast info and help. But sometimes it’s not so easy to find the tutorials your looking for (yes even with searching). Granted I usually find what I’m looking for, but usually not very quickly. I think something like a tutorial site would be helpful to all and specially to new comer of the arcade stick modding community.

What I was thinking was a collection of mods that have been posted on SRK and other sites (with all the authors permission!) and have more of a easy to search and find database. More like if you went a bought a “How too” book. Clear step by steps, lots of pics, and so on.

I know there are other great sites like… and a few others, but there more info on parts and terms (which are very important) and focus on like maybe a hand full of different mods. I would want a vast collection of different “How Too’s” and on every stick we can come up with. Everything from the Madcatz TE to how to mod this thing…

or let people know why you/they couldn’t.

If there is truly a interest I’m willing to host and buy the domain name (open to good ideas for a name) for this if there is enough interest and enough people that are willing to contribute their work.

I have done this in the past to help out other community and people are always on board at first then they find out it’s real work and they always fade out.

So don’t say your into helping unless your in for the long haul.

What I would need is experienced modders that are willing to write tutorials (or submit already done tutorials) on stick modding, building from scratch, how to fix something, that sort of thing. Lots of pics, maybe even videos. People helping with compiling a stick database. Taking pics of the insides, showing wiring and what parts are used. Taking measurements of these sticks (so people will know if that Sanwa stick is going to fit in there). Stuff like that.

If I could I would just build it right in to SRK so not to take anything away from there site, but I’m not sure if they would want something like this or not. Cause I would never want to take away for this community I just want to give back how ever I can. I love electronic and modding, it has always been hardware that drives me, and it is sites like this that I look too for knowledge. So if you guys feel like this would help others… then I would love to help make it happen.

Let me know you feelings


there is a “read first” sticky thread. I am thinking it does the purpose of what you are suggesting


That’s what tech-talks for.


I agree with you on both those things… Just seeing if anyone could benefit from a more consolidated info site as well.


I thought this thread was going to be about Neo-Geo.

I own the domain I originally had the ambition of doing this but I don’t have the time with a baby.


oops just saw that… Sorry was trying to make this post at work… fixing now