Interest check: couple of sticks

i have three sticks just collecting dust so i would see how many people are interested

first is my mas stick - SOLD SOLD SOLD

ive had the stick since june 2004 and its been good until i started using jap sticks so i never use this anymore. stick is p360 and comp buttons wired to a ps2 and dc pcb with the old xbox converter they included when i told them to add xbox compatibility

dc controller port is messed up so if you know how to wire then you’ll have a multicompatible stick. ill let it go for $60 shipped

second is a custom ps1 dual shock sanwa - SOLD SOLD SOLD

had it since april of 06 and a fellow srk’er made it (dj_matrix). its a great stick but i just dont use it anymore…has sanwa stick with octagon gate and sanwa rg buttons. paint is chipping a little also. ill let it go for $75 shipped

third stick is a custom df stick - SOLD SOLD SOLD

i had the stick since late 03 and df made it with the custom art and has p360 and comp buttons. unfortunately i got the p360 when it had the bad sensors which made it hard for you to block low. that and i dont have a bottom cover to for this…lol. pcb is ps1 dual shock which ill let go for $30 because of those reasons alone

if anyone has any questions please post or pm me…thx

Im interested in the sanwa, but IDK for sure. But it looks awesome.

well ok just let me know its helped me win a few cvs2 tournies =) but i have my hrap1 now so i dont use any of these sticks anymore

I would be interested in the MAS stick if it performed fine (not implying it wouldn’t, I just don’t have a problem with it being a little used). I don’t particularly have a problem with the dc-port issue, but do you think that I could just use a ps2->dc converter and make it work from there? I’m not too knowledgeable in multi-compatible systems, and the splits I know of mess up converters.

If converter-friendly, I’d be really interested in the MAS stick.

yes you can use a converter for the mas. it works flawlessly with my dragoncast super converter only thing is that you have to hold analog, then press select so it changes fierce and roundhouse to the correct positions otherwise they will be reversed but you also need to do this for the xbox converter

just something about the mas pcb and analog which connects that somehow

heres a pic of the converter i use for dc (sorry its so dark)

also would any of you guys be interested in a dc (black sega sports edition…just the system and hookups) or a ps2 > xbox dreambox converter…if so let me know kthx

PM sent.

ahh i remember that stick…

good times. hope it goes to a good home.

Pm Sent

hey I’m interested in the DF stick

dammit, actually ima have to skip on that stick. :sad:

dude if that guy doesnt take the mas i will

every pm responded to thus far thanks for looking everyone

just pm asap if he falls through please

will do sir.

PM sent

mas and df stick are on hold pending sale but sanwa is still free for whoever wants it. thanks

df stick sold

sanwa stick sold, mas stick pending

If the mas stick falls through I want it.

mas stick sold, thanks everyone for looking. megamands or any mod, can you please close this thread.