*Interest Check* CPS3 Street Fighter 3: Third Strike arcade board


Just want to see if anyone is currently interested in buying a 3s board.

This is the whole setup for running the game.
It is the Japanese version, 990512 aka the one with unblockables .

What’s included:
CPS3 Mother board and CD Drive
3s security cart with metal bar attachment
Original CD and CD case
Repro Marquee
Repro Move Strip
Original CPS3 Manual (Japanese)
Original 3s Manual (Japanese)
Kick Harness(works with Japanese buttons, however the quick disconnects fit loose)

Now about the suicide battery.
I sadly do not know the last time it was changed.
I’ve had it for around a year, and the previous owner was in Japan, so I have no idea how long they had it.
It smelled like it came from an arcade, so chances are that it was turned on a lot during it’s life. (The smokey smell is mostly gone now)
I had it turned almost every day since I got it. (Leaving the board running preserves battery life).

For the price, I will ask $500 shipped.

I can’t guarantee the game won’t die before it reaches you, but I’ll take a pic of it running before I ship it.
If the cart dies while in your possession, I can help you find the right people to get it revived. (Costs around $170-180, however you can reduce the cost if you know someone personally in Japan willing to ship for you.)


If it does die can you get it revived with the jap region on there or are they gonna have to put that asian version on it?


I would definitely buy it if no one does, but I have to wait to get paid which could take a while because of bills…(cries)


It depends on who you send it to get it revived.
If you send it to Capcom of Japan, they will revive it back to Japanese. But they will ONLY do it for Japanese carts.

If you send it to other people(not really sure if it’s Capcom of Asia or people with the reviving machines) they’ll revive any cart but it’ll be the crappy Asian version.

Which is why having the Japanese version is the best.
You get all the original voice clips and you can rest a little easier knowing that you can still get it revived in case the worst happens.


How would one send it to Capcom of Japan?
Because I heard you can’t do it for Americans. maybe I’m wrong.


You have to be an arcade operator to do it last I heard. But that could of changed now :slight_smile: