Interest Check: Custom "Postal Stick" with Blaze Stock Parts

I now have a bunch of Blaze Stock buttons and two Blaze sticks. So I just conveniently put them into postal box and made a stick. It’s not really a paper box 'coz it’s supported by a wooden box. It will be wired to a PS H controller. I don’t really need this stick though (otherwise why bother modding?). So, anyone interested? And how much do you think it is worth? With the materials I have I will be able to make 2 or maybe 3 (The third will have 4 big 2 small buttons contrary to 6 and will be using an Agetec instead)

I did the same thing I my thread I like yours more though

Cool idea. The buttons seem strangely far apart from eachother, though.

I think it’s only because the box is small. Or maybe my hand is large (that was how I got the spacing)