Interest Check (DC games)

I’m thinking about selling all of my legit DC games, but I don’t have any of the manuals or cases at this point so I don’t know if that would be an issue. All games are in perfect working condition. If there is an interest, I’ll post prices, pictures and further instructions. If you have any questions, feel free to post it here or PM. Thanks in advance.

MvC2 (US)
CvS (US)
CvS2 w/ Extra Disc (JP)
Project Justice (US)
Guilty Gear X (JP)
Puzzle Fighter IIX for Matching Service (JP)
Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure (US)
Garou: Mark of the Wolves (US)
DoA2 Special Edition (JP)
Tech Romancer (US and I have two copies)
Rez (EU)

pm sent

I’m interested. Is there a discount if we buy multiple/all games? Where’s your copy of MvC?

Do you by any chance have a PS2-DC Convertor preferably a innovation one?