Interest check: DOA4 Stick


I just want to know how many people would be interested in buying a new doa stick. I know a place that may have a few left, and if there’s enough interest then i’ll go buy them (if they’re still there tomorrow). So please, post only ONCE…i’ll repeat ONCE if you’ll be interested in buying one.


Me one


Depends on the price, but I’m definitely interested.


oh yeah forgot to mention that ^


Im interested depends on price tho.


Hrm…the forums had a weird restore last night and a lot of yesterday’s posts were lost.

Anyway, just to update anyone who hadn’t read caliagent’s update, he said that they were sold out.

The potential good news is that I can get some brand new ones from my supplier. I found out that the price would be around $100-$110 shipped within the US. The reason for the uncertain price is because they have to check on the actual shipping cost for the joysticks. Given the size and weight of joysticks, they can’t get an accurate shipping price to me yet.

I know that’s pretty high for this stick, but if people are interested I can have them in the US within 2 weeks (possibly late next week). So continue this thread and I’ll see what I can do.



I’m definitely interested but it depends on the price.


Okay I can get 4 of these at the moment and they would be $100 shipped each. These would be brand new Japanese version. Let me know if you’re interested at this price so I can order them.

If I don’t see much response, then I’ll assume the price is too high and won’t get them.



Is this over or what?
How much per stick?


ill definatly want one.