Interest Check: Dual modders in NYC?

This may seem silly but are there any skilled dual modder’s in the NYC area?

Edit: What about any skilled modders who have perfected the “light-up-on-activation” mod in the NYC area?

hak in Brooklyn is the only one I know. I am still learning the art of modding though I am in NY often.

You mean hakdizzle?

nope he means hakdizzle, lol hey watsup!

Hey Hey, I’m also do Dual Modding. I’m located in Brooklyn, NY.

As you can tell from my start date, I’m really new on these forums. I just wanted to know who was from NYC and who has some skilled experience in dual-modding. I’m located in SI but I work in the city on fourty deuce and Mad. I’ll PM you guys… Net and Hak.

Updated the first post with another inquiry.
Yo Hak and Network, do you guys know how to do this mod?
Please PM me.