Interest Check: Evo Floor Party?!?

Myself and a handful of other SRK members started tossing around this idea last year after Evo since the tropicana was such a bad experience for a lot of us (by no fault of the Evo staff’s fault mind you)

But we though once the Evo Staff secured the rates for the hotels we should try to plan a floor party. I think It’d be really hype.

The main idea is to book everyone on the same floor of the hotel and we can just potentially just have a huge party and just have some fun. I mean we’d keep it all with in the rules of the hotel and what not. But the list of stuff below is why I think this would be a great idea

  1. Keeps us all next to eachother so we won’t have to walk or take elevators constantly
  2. Helps a lot of new people feel more comfortable and helps us meet new people in general.
  3. Easier to get games/small tournies in. This goes with the distance thing as well I guess.
  4. Keeps the noise complaints to a minimum
  5. We can keep an eye on Fishjie :lol:
  6. It’d be fucking hype and a lot of fun.

So post up if you’d be interested. All the potential would be festivities would be during after evo hours obviously or whenever people are free if they aren’t in any games that day.

Also, if people could call the Rio to see how would could go about doing this we could get the ball rolling. If Wiz or any of the other Evo staff have info on how we could start this as well I’d appreciate it.

Any and all feedback is welcome.

This is going to be hard to pull off due to the information P.Gorath and Wiz have both given me. But we are going to try our best. I will likely be working on this “project” with P.Gorath and when the date is closer, Valaris.

Obviously, as time gets closer we will tell you what’s going on but unfortunately from the sounds of it, we won’t know what rooms to try and nab till thursday/friday. Whichever day Valaris and I decide on showing up on.

If it’s possible…then that would be a great idea.
I was nowhere near any other SRK members/Evo attendees…which was kind of a drag.
So it was hard for me to meet people I usually post with on SRK.

Hey that’d be pretty kool to try this year.

Cause last year was my first year and I knew alot people on SRK but only met like 5 of them which I’d only talk to over SRK.

-EX :cool:


-Tha Hindu

That would be awesome. Really, I will take whatever room I can get, but if a ton of people all rented rooms on the same floor and took over a section of the hotel, that would be great.

I’m bringing a pretty big crew from my city, this would be sooooo hype as fuck.
better reserve now though/check availability!!!

Rio does have the voodoo lounge, a pretty good hangout spot, maybe we can meet up there, or if not, there is the Palms (ghostbar, Moon, Rain) which is across the street. Just things to consider.

Who from the Ottawa crew is going? Tak going?

ya tak is probably going since Narith and Joker are going for xvsf.

Cool. I felt like an idiot last year. He was in the same flights as me and I kept looking back at him thinking ‘‘Don’t I know that guy?’’ and it’s only when we reached the Trop that I clicked.

LOL. should be me myles alex(pereira)jonTexas tak and maybe a few more

Cool, I look forward to seeing you guys there.


I’m sorry but, I don’t see how we can get a whole floor…I wish i could call vegas from my work phone, but I’d get werk negged hard for that one.

…dam I’m tired

Definitely interested. :smiley:

Good idea. FR does this every year, pretty much.

i remember evo at green valley ranch. lol i’d walk down random halls and people would leave the door open. walk in, see wahts going on, get a few games in. the only problem was taht it seemed like every room had too many people in rotation to play seeing as there was only 1 tv per room.

it was funny when i got back to my room and all of a sudden bas and rf were in there playing cvs2. i was like ‘wtf, cool’

floor party would be dope

count me in

This would be sick.

Im in.

still waiting on rates before we can put this plan into action.