Interest Check: Evo Floor Party?!?

sounds cool to me!

No doubt, sounds awesome.

gota get soem girls to come to this to lol

Just grab the Trop hookers. Low-class bitches.

It’d probably be a huge bitch to organize, but if you can get past that hurdle I’m down.

The lowest of low my nigga.

do this.


i already head-hunt around rooms and make hella acquaintances and friends doing so every time evo and fr roll around, this should be fun as shit.

Floor party would be one hell of an experience. Rio have TV with hookups for some hotel room gaming?

Hopefully they do.

At the tropicana those nigga’s were rocking RF tv’s (which a lot of people who entered ST/Marvel were expecting) but they were protected by this weird cover and a lot of us (including my roomies and myself) were like “Fuck this” and broke them and tried to jimmy rig them into working.

I think NKI and a few other people got them to work. I don’t remember.

would be interesting, drunken gaming is always fun

I am so down for this!

i bring the party in a gatorade bottle every year.

Apparently the tvs have front AV hookups so all gaming can take place in rooms as well, as for a floor party, they try to book everyone in the roomblack in the same place, but it doesnt always happen, and there is nothing i can do from my end that would make it happen.

Thanks for the info about the tv and floor party wiz. Guess I got some calls to make.

I hope those AV hookups aren’t blocked by metal bars like they were at the Tropicana last year. :lol:

I don’t see the point of this idea though really. Why would you all wanna be in the same place and have a ton of fun meeting up with each other on the same floor? Sounds strange to me.

I’m down.

so now that the info is out, it sounds like it’s just going to be luck in terms of if we end up on the same floors or not? I guess the floor with the most people will be the one to hold the party on then

Sounds about right.

Also they usually dont assign rooms until you actually check in so everyone should just be like “hey, can you try to put me on the same floor or close to the other people here for Evo…” etc

Great idea, we gotta try to make it happen :smiley: