INTEREST CHECK: Exporting Virtua Stick High Grades from Japan


Long story short, I have easy access to VSHG’s since I live in Japan. I know that at one point this was a highly sought after stick but I am not sure if that is still the case. If you still long for a genuine VSHG, post ITT and let me know. I can offer modding services as well (PS360+, PowerA Mini, Hori FC4, or any combination of the three) but note that it will add to the turnaround.

If there’s enough expressed interest, I can start exporting these to the US and Canada this summer. Shipping will be handled via my USPS FPO address so no worries about international shipping rates.

WTB: Virtua Stick High Grade

I would definitely be interested in one of those sticks.


Count me in.


Depends on the price. They are on eBay for $75 plus like $50-$55 for shipping.


Agreed. I’m interested in one but not desperate so $125+ is a bit too high since I am trying to chase down some other sticks (maybe not if the stick was in like new condition). For the right price, I could see picking one up.


I would also be interested depending on the price and also I’d only want one if it was in excellent or like new condition.


I would be interested


At the current exchange rate, VSHG’s will average around $40. I’d charge probably $30-$50 for shipping depending on the number of sticks per order. Between now and May/June though the yen could get quite a bit stronger which would raise the cost a bit.

Most of these sticks will be used, but in good condition. I will do my best to pre-screen them both for quality and PCB revision, but ultimately I can’t guarantee anything past what’s available on the market.


Edit: made too many extra purchases this month!




definitely interested in this, most likely just using a shell so you could keep the internals and buttons or sell 'em.


Yep. In good condition I would bite at that price. Subscribed.


Im interested!


Definitely interested.


I’m interested.


Would you ship internationally?


Vshg had a metal base correct? If so, I am interested as well.


I have interest


i’m also interested! :slight_smile: