Interest Check: FrankenHRAPS

This is sort of an odd one, but I’ll give it a shot. I’m thinking of taking a HRAP EX-SE and a Mushihime Sama Futari HRAP and doing some part swaps to create 2 unique HRAPs. I want to see if there would be any interest in a HRAP with an EX-SE panel (complete and new) and a Mushihime Sama Futari HRAP base (MINT and practically new). Here’s an idea of what I mean (sorry for the quick photochop job):

Again, the HRAP EX-SE panel would have the original seimitsu parts, not the ones pictured in my cut+paste image. I would be selling it for about $120 or so.

The mushi art on white looks really good.

Thanks. I’m actually not sure which one I would want to keep. I think the bottom one with all white or all black balltop + buttons might look sweet.