Interest Check: Garou: Mark of the Wolves

Hey, just figured I would throw this out as a question. My only real interest in fighting games right now lays with Garou. I was checking to see if I came out to Evo, how many others would be interested in playing…so I figured I would make a poll.

Post any additional thoughts or comments, thanks!


This is a fun game I’m just really bad at it lol I’d play it if it where there but I’m not even close to being competitive. Garou: Mark of the Wolves and The Last Blade series are my Favorite Neo Geo fighting games, too bad nobody ever plays them.

If there was a BYOC Garou tourney, id stick around to watch the finals. Sounds like fun. I don’t play it myself though.

Is this game playable online on Xbox live? If so how is the netcode and do alot of people play it?

More people are on GGPO. It has better code, and better competition.

There is usually a pretty big SNK section at the BYOC area during EVO. There is bound to be some MotW going.
If there is, I’d probably throw down. I suck but I love playing.

I know my girlfriend would be willing to play/enter a tourney. Outside of Regulation-A (ugh) it’s her favorite fighting game.

Mater Giby and Nocturnal are in charge of the annual Garou side tournament, you should try to contact them. they are also the best in the country.

Very interested. I must play MOTW at Evo.

I’ll be there for tournament action.

I’ll definitely be there.

Nocturnal and I are holding a tournament this year. The Vegas players said they’re all entering, which is a good thing. Polls are never a good way to gauge interest for Evo tourney’s considering many who vote tend to not show up. We usually do everything on site. We haven’t decided which version we will be using this year, the overall best ones to use would be 360 or Neo as emulation has the most slowdown overall, but it could very well end up being on emu for convenience.

Our main rule for tourneys is if we don’t have x number of entries we won’t run it, but if things go as planned, we will have a good turn out this year.

Screw it I’m probably terrible now but I’ll play anyway. Make sure there’s more than just neo geo sticks.

DC version?

good god no

why? is it a really bad port?

DC version is the worst port

oh really? huh id never heard that. which is considered the best?

360 and PS2 ports are the best, but they run slightly faster than the neo geo arcade and home versions.

I just found this thread ha. If anyone is interested in playing in the BYOC area then me, Giby along with Delly, Gypsy and jt4mtb will have setups up frist thing Friday and Saturday. Just stop on by if anyone wants to jump in and play don’t be afraid to ask.

im down, if you see a guy with a nintendo tattoo on his arm force him to play u.