Interest Check: General Stick Modding in the New York City area


Hey guys! So here’s the dealio: a while ago I dual modded my friends PS3 TE stick and he was really happy with the result. Functional and looks decent enough. This encouraged me that I’m not half bad with a soldering gun and general electronics, so I’d like to offer stick modding for people in the NYC area. This includes dual-modding, putting a stick together for you, installing all those crazy pcb’s, hacking pads, etc etc. You know where I’m going with this. I wanna stay local first before anything because I think we all know the hassle of sending sticks across the damn country :rofl:

Now, prices, that’s what you guys care about. I’m not very sure yet, so I’d like to speak to you guys one-on-one about the pricing. I’m not going to overcharge you guys, I’m going to be really fair and generous. Shame my feedback was erased, but I sold games and game consoles dirt cheap because quite frankly, I’m being nice :rofl:

So shoot me an E-MAIL PLEASE. I don’t have premium, no godlike storage for me. D:

This is my way of giving back to this community. Honestly, 3/4’s of the shit we know about all this detailed stuff about arcade sticks is straight from SRK, the other 1/4 being some balls to do it. I hope you guys would be interested.

Cheers! :smiley:


gmail sent.


Good luck with your modding services; it’s always good seeing the community come together and try and help each other out.

On an unrelated note, I think you were one of the few people I faced online in TvC that I actually had a good online connection/experience with. It was about a month ago, but my handle was “CrimeSRK”. Anyway, thanks for giving not lagging me to death! Lord knows we need more games like that in TvC.


Haha man, I tried play TVC online but it’s even worse than SF4 on PC and I was playing with wiimote and nunchuk, that’s a nightmare. @_@ I just can’t do it. Thank god we have a local scene here. xD


yeep all my buddies and my brother live in NY, they hate spending shipping charges so let me know…


Wow, this is gong so much better than I expected… o.O’ Cool man! Please send me an e-mail at . I got one guy ahead of you dudes and since I’m starting out I wanna keep my limit to five people in total. So if you can e-mail me with details I’ll be really happy to help you out. :smiley:

Cheers, thanks for the interest!