Interest Check: Hori EX2 for 360

I’ve got an old Hori EX2 that I’m thinking about just selling/Trading for parts at whatnot since I’m probably not going to mod it.

It has all of the buttons/original stick although they’re not in great shape. The case itself is in fine condition and ready to be modded.

Anyone interested?

To sweeten the deal, I’ll remove the buttons and put wires in place of them. I’ll do the same for the stick.


I’d say like $30 plus a small bit for shipping.

I’m mostly looking for a trade of sorts for like buttons or a stick.

what kind of buttons or stick? i have extras

Sanwa “JLF-TP-8YT-SK” stick and “OBSF-30” buttons.

Colors don’t really matter but just let me know what you have.

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