Interest Check Hori VLX W/ Kitty 8 GamerFinger Mechanical Buttons!


I am checking on this to see what I could get out of it. I purchased it and upgraded it a ton but I don’t feel I am going to be using it enough to justify the price. here is a photo, And I can get more upon request.


How much are you looking for.


What is general value of the stick? I am interested in selling it but don’t need the money so I’d like to get what it’s worth(300-400) I’ve seen other used ones going for much more!


Well, a little research shows that you purchased the VLX for $200 about a month ago, so I’m going to assume it’s just the stick and and no box or balance board. Kitty is $60-ish top, Gammerfinger buttons are $55, rounded up. So $313.55 would be the actual worth minus shipping. Average sales for the VLX are around $300, but that’s generally mint with all accessories.


It does have the box and balance board as well!


I want a VLX but don’t care about the mods. 320 shipped?


pm me the zip code.


Still up for grabs never got a pm!


pm sent.