Interest Check: HRAP2 Mod Pictures?

Hey everyone.

I just finished modding my HRAP2 with all Seimitsu parts. I decided to take pictures while doing the mod and was just wondering if anyone would like me to post those pictures. I took the pictures with making a tutorial in mind, so I won’t mind making a one either.

It’s not too hard other than fitting in the LS-32 i think. Im sure some people would appreciate it since pictures always help.

Yes, please do.

You mean like this?

Heh, yea like that except that I have more pictures showing how to take out the quick disconnects safely and what size screwdrivers to use. It’ll just address the little problems that people usually run into while doing the mod that isn’t covered in the older tutorials.

Edit: It’ll be kind of like a big update/revision =P

doooo it

can you hit me up on aim and show me?
no homo

excellent idea. i felt that guide was a bit lacking in some details.

Be sure that when youre done that you tell me so i can put it in the Essential Thread

You definitely should post this. Please do! I’m a shipment away from trying it myself and I’m scared shitless. :rofl:

Already did

now only if there was a guide showing how to add art to hrap2s.

I believe you can just replace the faceplate with lexan. Just cut out the design/button holes, then put your art (printed on 10 pt glossy paper) underneath.

According to posts by other people, that should work.

here’s the button layout from deviant art

i used that as a template for the holes when making my art. The actual size of the top plate is a little smaller than 13" x 8"

so would i use the faceplate as a guide for cutting the lexan? what do you recommend for cutting the shape of the hrap2 plate and the button holes in the lexan? btw, urth, we’re using hrap2s so i don’t think it would help for buttons. (correct me if i’m wrong)

Well, if you change the faceplate, you can do whatever you want in terms of button and stick placement since you won’t be using the old faceplate anymore.