Interest Check: HRAP3 Style Custom

New Product: HRAP3 style custom sticks, similar to SA

Full Sanwa/Semitsu Parts.
Hori HRAP 3 Layout.
Stainless Steel Mounting Plate
System Compatibility: PS3, PSx, Xbox360 or Wii.
Stick Art Customization Available.
Plexi Glass cover.
Dimension uncertain, but it is thinner than HRAP 3, same width though.
Weight mount, you can add weight to make the stick more solid when playing.

So Plastic Cases from China that is like HRAP?
But also get to choose Button Layout?

stainless steel plate for top and bottom, plastic case otherwise.

and yes on the custom button layout question

if its cheaper then a hrap or a TE then yes

if not… it gotta be a hella of a custom :slight_smile:

I know a lot of people prefer to carry HRAPs around instead of TE, but want to play the TE button layout, I think this might solve both problems.

would have to see some pics. I just love the HRAP case with HRAP 1 layout.

Needs a cord drawer! HRAP is fucking huge with copious amounts of space for cord storage, but doesn’t have one. Biggest flaw in design IMO.

The TE has a cord case but frankly it’s junk. Most of us don’t use it after we remove the cord.

It’s hard to wrap up the cord and tie it like it was when the stick was brand new.

Chances are you’ll damage the cord trying to put it back into the case. Constant cycling in and out of that small space can’t be good for the connector cord.

I could see using the open space of the HRAP as a container for a cord, though… as long as there’s a way to keep it from impacting the terminal areas of the pushbuttons or getting caught between the restrictor gate and actuator of the joystick. That’s the problem… Even in an HRAP you have to be aware of the moving parts and find a way to keep the cord away from those otherwise the insulation will get scratched and shredded away from the wiring. Definitely not a good thing!

Are you kidding me? I use the cord storage in my stick all the time.

Anyway, if you’re going to do this PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE let it open from the top.


Well on a custom case I would certainly be using a detachable cord.

New info: The stick has a Wii compatible version.

ya dont make a cheap cord storage sell them with a 24mm hole and one off those nausb things.

Here they are. sample pics.

Currently they can be custom made to be PS1/2, PS3, Xbox360, PC or wii (converter required) compatible.

The joystick has an extra mount to adjust the length of the stick exposed above the panel.

The box is very sturdy made.

Face Panels are stainless steel, not plastic nor wood.

The side slots are used to put metal weight or similar items to increase the weight and thus sturdiness of the stick, if you think you are a little bit rough while doing special moves with the stick, this will help make it more stable during intense matches. And also they improve the structure integrity of the case.

Currently we have only the vewlix layout available.

No plexiglass, surface is polyester resin.

I would get one of these with the Sega layout when it is available.

I might go for one of these if you put the 3 buttons on top somewhere else. Those look way to close for me. I’d also like a 6 button vewlix layout. No game uses all 8 buttons. Otherwise, this looks like it could be a good cheaper alternative to buying a hrap.

6 button vewlix is no problem, we just remove two buttons and put button plugs in.