INTEREST CHECK: Joystick Box Kits

sup people that buy stuff! are any of you interested in me selling boxes as an inexpensive kit you can assemble yourself?

if you haven’t seen my first box style in the Custom Joystick Thread, it looks like this:

the boxes are made out of MDF, and assembles under 3 minutes (well, for me). the dimensions are 12" x 9.5" x 2 1/16" fully assembled with PCB, stick, and buttons the weight is about 3lbs.

this box style is known for its interchangeable faceplates which allow a person to put different button layouts in a single box easily.

post some feedback! :tup:

i’d be interested as i have all the extra parts for a stick besides a box. and they look sexy

how much do you usually charge




yes i like the inexpensive part. how cheap we talking, doggie?

I’d be interested depending on the cost since I’m in need of a box

Everytime i see that first box with the mirror tint and wood grain Sittin on those PS14GNs i cream my pants

how much?

I fucking need one of these in my fucking life.

currently the box accepts an LS-32 flat mounting plate and a Sanwa JLW flat mounting plate, which looks to me standard for the Sanwas i’ve seen. because of the way the box is designed, it currently only fits screw-in Sanwa or Seimitsu buttons.

pricing for one complete box and faceplate with an acrylic top would be about $65 plus shipping. a wood top would be maybe $5 more because of how i have to buy it. extra faceplates would be $25 plus shipping. i’m trying to keep the costs low as possible because there are a lot of talented people on here (padhackers, artists, etc.) that maybe don’t have the tools or the time to make boxes for people. also i’m not a fan of my soldering skills :lol:

right now i’m also writing out a guide on painting MDF for cheap and how i get the mirror finish. i’ll post it if there is enough interest for me to make a thread (i’m going to post it anyway, only douchebags withhold information; just need to see which thread gets more views.)

interested in a box. sent you a PM

what will the underbody look like?

here’s a render of the bottom:

the larger rectangle covers up the buttons and the smaller rectangle houses the PCB compartment. i made the PCB compartment separate so a person could get props for a nice wiring job for the buttons and not get dissed for their really nasty looking PCB solder job with hot glue all over the place:rofl: also the way i made the box, kind of forces wire management because i made channels for the wires to go through.

That is a really good price man. You should def go through with it!
What you should think about doing is doing the PCBs as well, because even if you charged $100 for a fully loaded stick of yours, its still an excellent price!
Love the style of it and everything, I hope it works out good.

Would be interested in buying one to add to the collection. Please post color options and wood options when you get the chance. I would also be interested in reading your painting guide when you get the chance to post it up.

I’m definitely interested in this. These boxes are unpainted/unfinished, correct? Odds are, I’d be interested in 2 right off the bat.

Are we able to pick from different button/stick layouts? Say if I pointed you to a layout @ slagcoin, would it be a giant hassle to get a faceplate in that layout?

So how big is the pcb compartment? like would it fit a MadCatz Xbox 360 joystick pcb?

Here you go, I’ll save you the trouble of making a tutorial so you can start working on the blanks since I might be interested in one too…

nobody answered my question regarding PCB dimensions in the padhacking thread so i just guessed. i’m sure you can fit at least 2 in there

haha, i’ve been building and modding computers since 2003, and i was around to watch the ‘Uwe Boll like’ backlash Bill Owen let loose on hardforums when someone questioned him. Owen is a douche for real :lol: my guide is very similar, but not exactly like it because this is MDF and there are ways of getting around doing some of those extra steps he does. still a good read though. :tup:

i’m thinking about maybe starting orders sometime this weekend or Monday at the latest. my house is getting painted right now, so i have to chill out for a few days while it dries. :sad:

I build my own sticks but DAMN I’ve wanted one of these since you first posted them in the custom stick thread. As long as I can fit a 360 pcb in there I will be buying one of these for sure.