INTEREST CHECK: Joystick Box Kits

The way that box has been thought out engineered is brilliant.

Very forward thinking and answers a lot of “what if…” questions.

Like “what if I want to play on a neo-geo layout.”

Makes the 4 walls with a top and bottom look tired.


Love the router work.

Sweet, looking forward to it. Also, how flexible are you with the shape of the box? Are you dead sit on the size you posted or can we request something special?

At that price Ide be interested.

what is the dimensions of that PCB area?

thanks for the compliments, guys! i didn’t think there was be that good of a response honestly :lol:

if there is a good response, i’ll start doing exclusive boxes that will make the buyer look all ‘Mr. Fancypants’ in front of his buddies. :razzy:

and yes these boxes are unpainted/unfinished. i’ll give all information on the levels of completion in the seller thread. and you can pick from different button layouts, but not the stick positions YET. right now in this design, where the stick is placed is so that it’s anchored to the box. and i only had an LS-32 and a JLW to get measurements for. hey, i’m broke too! i don’t have all that money to go out and buy all these kinds of joysticks and buttons:rofl:

haha it’s not that serious, and don’t hate on the ‘6 sides of awesome.’ it’s helped us a long way :rofl:

i’d have to know what you’re thinking about to see if it’d be feasable or not. shoot me a PM if you like. :tup:

10 11/16" x 2 3/4" x 1 3/4"

i’d appreciate more questions/concerns/ and gripes if you guys have any:angel:

First off, these look AWEsome.

I have a couple of questions,

-Can the model with the slanted faceplate (the first picture) also swap faceplates with ease? I’ve been looking for a slant-plate like that and this one looks stellar.

-For the faceplates: If I have a simple layout request, like 1 additional face button to an existing setup, is that cool?

-Does each box have what it takes to mount a LS-32 or a JLW? Or do I have to pick one?

Thanks, and we’ll be doing business soon!


i’m sorry, i guess that picture is kind of misleading :sad:. these boxes and their faceplates are not slanted. that faceplate in the first one was to show the interchangeability of the joysticks by having it rest half outside of the case. this is my first time making anything ever so i tried to not get fancy (slanted is too fancy for me! :mad: :lol:). however, many of the other designs i’m working on are slanted, and i am working on a slanted version of this design as we speak; it’s just not ready to sell yet.

If you ever decide to sell these, put me down for one =)

@ shaft: me too! Not a deal-breaker if its not a slanted plate either.

@ muffin: if you see this, check PMs. I sent you a couple questions on the items in your thread.