Interest Check: Jp Ps2 bundle, ps2 stick

Just want to see if there’s an interest in these items.

JP Pink ps2 bundle.-all cables, box
-pink controller
-memory card

Games with bundle
-Melty Blood
-Bloody Roar
-SSTenka -need to find
-guilty gear slash
-Garou mark of the wolves
-virtual on remake

Looking to maybe sell for $250, but if possible or allowed by admins I’m open to offers.


The stick was from akuma001. An Xbox Doa modded for the ps2.

it’s the one on the left.

Possibly selling it for $120, but like the system offers are open.

Both haven’t been used much and haven’t had any problems with either. I’m still new to the shipping fees, but I could always check on the post office.

shoot, if only that stick was for the 360. I’d definitely pick it up, sorry.

If you are willing to split the package, interested in SSTenka.

Might, just have to find the cd.

I might be interested in Garou and NGBC

How much for just the PS2 console?

Sorry for the late replies.

Renesis: could probably sell 15 for each.

Markman: not sure how much they are now, but maybe 170.

If you guys disagree with the prices, you can always pm me if you want.