Interest Check: Kickstarter for custom "universal" stick gates (now with CAD drawings!)


So, any interest? I want to do an easy to tweak custom Hayabusa gate, one that won’t require unscrewing. If I ran a Kickstarter to get a mold for this and doing a run, how many people would be interested?

Hayabusa is a great stick, and it’s ripe for tweaking via custom mods.

What I would do is start off with a few 3D printed prototypes, and once I’m happy with a design, make a video explaining it and post a Kickstarter to get funds for a custom mold to produce a bulk order depending on the interest.

HORI Fighting EDGE

You already know I’m in for it.

Are there any hybrid restrictor gate on the market?

What is the minimum for something like this? Isn’t it a dumbass high number?


@Kyle - It’s actually not outrageous.


That’s good. I’m thinking back to Toodle’s circle gates and he saying he wondered if he would ever break even on them.


The prices are substantially cheaper than I expected but the big question is whether or not there is enough demand for the parts to justify the purchase.


I’d be interested, especially if it could take the JLF gate inserts.


I wouldn’t make it compatible with JLF inserts because I do not like how the JLF does inserts. It’s too brittle and easy to break, I know because I accidentally broke one without even trying. I would like to do something sturdier than that and easier to replace on the fly than the JLF design. I know, that means lots of people would have less incentive because there are a billion JLF owners out there, but this is for Hayabusa. A high quality custom gate for a high quality stick is not out of the question.

Depending on the interest I am willing to do one. We’re looking at a minimum of $1500 for the mold, which isn’t too bad considering other places will charge twice that and demand you order 10,000 pieces. A bit expensive, but once made cost per piece is very small. That’s why it would be important that people with Fighting Edges would get in on this since most of the Hayabusa owners will be FE owners as well.

Otherwise, I can do custom gates via other means, but that means straight, non-angled edges in the restriction gate that the actuator hits at an angle and no easy means of swapping out gates other than unscrewing. Not entirely ideal, and the injection mold solution would be higher quality and longer lasting.


I have yet to get a Hayabusa (will put in an order this weekend), but what kind of direction are you going for these gates? Changing the shape to octogonal/round, or changing the sizes so to achieve less throw?


Both. Why do a custom gate that you can’t tweak?


Well, I guess it depends how you do it; having a separate mold for the entire restrictor depending on shape/throw may not necessarily be the most cost-efficient. So that being said, I’m presuming we’ll see some swappable inserts of sorts?

I may be on board with this, but this’ll all depend on how I feel about the Hayabusa once I get my hands on it, which unfortunately may not be within the next little while (due to Hori not shipping to Canada), as I will have to get it shipped to someone first before they send it off to me.


It would be a base plate and inserts. I want it to swap quick and easy, no need for unscrewing. Doing entirely new pieces per gate type would not be cost effective at all… :slight_smile:


Don’t even have a hayabusa yet but I’d still be willing to throw some of my money towards this project. I love the stuff you brought to the table for all the seimitsu buttons/joysticks so this would probably be just as awesome. What styles of gates did you have planned?


Pnoy Pryde - This will be injection molded plastic with quick swap inserts.


Lol read that part, but still thanks for the reply @iNENDOi . I was more curious as to the shape of the gate (circular, octagonal, short throw square, no throw square, etc.)
Edit: apparently I was too quick to post. Just read the response to freedomgundam above.


dont have one… but will support anyway as I am gonna order 3 of them this week.

Hell I would back it because tech talk.

despite your obvious no-love attitude towards JLFs (I like em after tweaking em) I will still support ya man!


Circle, octagonal, square, in various throw measurements.


Guess it’s no secret anymore.


Comes down to this honestly.


Sounds good, I’d love to have a ls-56 style octagonal gate insert for the hayabusa. If it doesn’t pan out this time just keep the idea on the back burner until the hayabusa comes out in one of the RAP variants. I feel like the lack of interest in this stick is more due to the cost and odd features of the fighting edge than the quality of the hayabusa itself.


Count me in for a couple.