Interest Check: Lazer Cut Acrylic/Arcade Stick Boxes

I’ve posted an interest check before for arcade stick boxes about a year ago, but school work had hindered me from producing anything, so im giving it another go for next quarter which starts in 2 weeks…So the interest check is…

  1. Lazer Cut acrylic ( or any other material u prefer ) stick templates…

Basically i’ll be able to have the requested material lazer cut to fit any of ur needs. so i could make TE templates as i saw from the other post, or any covers in general. I could also do engravings, names, quotes, whatever, or minor design aesthetics, so like i could do it as long as it fits the criteria of being able to made through illustrator…u could also provide the vector illustrator drawing and i could get it done…The cost of labor would be mainly focused on the difficulty of the design, but if its just text and the layout Im sure i would have a flat fee. I can also sandblast the acrylic to give it a different effect…so i could tape off certain sections to give it a specific look…sandblasted acrylic looks something like this so basically it loses its transparency and becomes more translucent.

Some examples of materialsthat would probably be popular would be acrylic (clear plastic), thin sheet metal, or another form of plastic…

  1. Arcade stick boxes

My priority of market would most likely hopefully be in the lazer cut parts, but if the demand is there i might make sticks as well. This would most likely be a 1 project at a time sort of deal, unless its dealing with just making boxes. Of course i dont have anything to show at the moment, but id also like to know what materials people would be expecting…I currently have MDF lying around, but i would like peoples opinions on different types of wood…

*With the lazer cut parts, I would most likely be able to get it done within 2 weeks, mattering on the difficulty of the design, if a template and the illustrator file is given, then expect it to be done within a week…

what up nam its Eric. i could be interested in one of these. got an ass of sticks already but it sounds interesting.

Since you are offering laser cut parts and possibly sticks, I would like to throw my interest out there in a arcade stick kit made completely out of metal.

No acrylic, no paint, no nothing.

You could cut all of the pieces out of one sheet of metal and ship them to the customers to assemble using a few nuts and bolts to hold it together. Plus this would allow for a rather modular design. The control panel could be customized while the sides and bottom could all be the same.

Save the CAD designs as you make them, cut them as you get the orders in.

Labor is next to non-existent after you have the CAD made, so costs to the customer would be crazy low. This would allow you to corner the market in uber-cheap boxes (sticks as well if you decide to make them).

Flat metal pieces save money on larger boxes and packing materials further driving down the costs.

Of course I would do this myself if I actually had the equipment to pull it off, but I don’t.

You on the other hand, do.

Edit: Since this sounds really customizable, I’d just like to hear a price range on maybe a thin sheet metal box, nothing fancy.

yea i always thought about acrylic/metal boxes, but i was wondering if the thin sheet metal would be strong enough to withstand multiple impacts of gameplay…im all up for that idea though, id like to hear more on how u would construct it, ive only worked with thin sheet metal, so im thinking that the sheet metal ur referring to is probably thicker than i what im thinking…

I can also bend acrylic sheets as well, so technically i could make a stick out of bent acrylic sheets…

EDIT: for the price range, THIS IS MY ROUGH ESTIMATE. it would be a matter of the cost of the material, could be anywhere from like $10-30 depending on how much material i need to make the box, if its just a top of a case, it would probably be around $10 for the material, the shipping would also be low because it doesnt weight that much, so prob under 10 dollars…so i imagine u would be spending around $30 shipped…I dont expect the cost to be any more than that…for the metal box, i cant really give an estimate of the costs, but next week i’ll have the time to be able to go out and do research and i’ll have a finalized idea of costs and labor…

Alright cool, I’ll be keeping an eye out for this.

I am by no means a graphic artist, but the design I am talking about could me made with two of these side panels bent where the line is thicker and the rest being a solid flat sheets (control panel, bottom, and two other sides):

Make sure to use flat head screws and counter sink them and you have a rather nice looking box.

As for sturdiness, all finkle boxes use a thin metal sheet for the control panel, and they seem to hold up just fine.

edit: Hell, if you really wanted to, you could cut the holes for the joystick and buttons just a little bit wider in the metal and you can sell your custom-cut, media-blasted acrylic with the kits and it will look even better.

edit2: that design would actually be pretty flimsy, but if the folding design for that side piece a drew above is applied to multiple or all the panels, it would be much more sturdy.

That would be pretty cool too. :cool:

I’d be interested in the engraved templates and the bent acrylic boxes, as long as the price doesn’t become absurdly higher than what you’re estimating. :angel:

Tagging this for if you get this going, I’d be very interested in laser-cut acrylic.

Yeah I would def be interested if yo made a box like this

Great idea i had this idea recently and i was wonder if anyone did this kind of thing

I would love to get a sandblasted arcade stick (even if its just the box i can do the rest myself) :smiley:

Oh one more question, will you be able to take requests such as including the correct mounting holes for lets say, a Seimitsu LS-32?

I’d be interested in laser cut acrylic and/or metal boxes too if the costs aren’t far off from your estimates.

As long as u can find me a template of some sort it can be done…This is finals week for me, and then next week is spring break (which i think my building is closed) but the week after i’ll be able to start crafting some test cuts…

The first thing i’ll start producing will be the overlay sheets, One question would be what overlays are people looking for atm? whether it is fightstick, TE sticks, HRAPs, a lot of this depends on the layout, so next week i’ll be trying my best to research and find layouts to work off of, if u have any layouts of ur current sticks that would be great…

As well with the costs, i dont want to make any promises, but i dont expect these things to be that expensive, next week i’ll be able to estimate the costs as well and have a definite answer…

Awesome, I look forward to seeing some test samples whenever you’re able to get to it.

I’ve been holding off the making of my own stick for such a long time because I was always stuck at finding a way to get a box made out of something besides wood.

Very interested in this. Keep us updated on how things roll along.

for $30 i’d so jump on that. keep us updated!

i’m interested also

yes for 30 ill be on that too prolly get couple.

Would it be possible to make an arcade stick box made of sheet metal or wood but with the left and right sides being made of acrylic?