Interest Check: LG VX9800 Cell Phone

I’ll be receiving a LG VX9800 in the mail soon and i will sell, but i wanna see if anyone here at SRK is interested in it.

Its going to be brand new (never used EVER), with new battery, and wall charger.

ill let it go for 180 shipped OBO

heres a stock photo



aw cmon D:

in all seriousness… good luck getting rid of it for $100.

the phone already has an updated version in the Envy, and even that doesnt sell well.

i’ll go ahead and say that i own one of these phones currently, and it is best phone ive had…txt messaging, calling, speaker phone all work really well, i dont surf the net or anything on it, but the phoen is pretty durable, u dont have to worry about it breaking in one drop…verizon has really good service for hte most part, and while it may be somewhat thicker than its counterparts like the EnVy, i think it being thick makes it more durable and solid…yea the phone may be old now, and outdated to the Envy, this phone is still really good, especially if u like txt messaging cause the qwerty keypad is nice and u can feel everything u press…unlike lets say the Iphone :stuck_out_tongue: good luck on selling it, whoever gets it should be happy :smiley:

ive had it for almost a year and worked out great

i can go 150?