Interest Check: Lightning Label(LL) Stick Cases


Well i have gotten a couple of emails asking if i could somehow make cases in the $40 to $50 range. Well i know Satek just recently closed up shop and alot of folks wanted to get one of his poplar cases that were $40 which i thought was a steal. My cases are unfinished and sanded to 1500 grit sandpaper and made of maple and the cp is mdf. You can paint stain or dye these cases and they will look great. Even natural stain and poly makes them shine nicely.They also have lexan top and lexan bottom, however they may or may not come with feet. This will determine the price that i can sell at. I have two in the trading outlet right now,
1 has been sold already but if people really would be interested in these cases at this lower price then i will paypal the buyer some of his money back. So just let me know what the interest would be for some cheap quality cases. Thanks guys!


Get your site up and make an option for Korean sticks and I’m sure you will have a market for them Looks good!


what is the mounting depth for korean sticks. because the control panels are to be made by buyer request. so if the depth isnt like happ then i can route the panel to hold korean sticks.


Korean sticks are all similar enought in measurement. If you can mount one you can mount them all. Ideally the control panel should be 1/2 thick and a 1/16 plexi top. I use 2 layers of 1/4 mdf and drill button holes on the top mdf and cut a square for the buttons.


i see thanks alot rt i will have to get me that stick to make sure everything is good, o i was wondering how your dyed stick was comin out that you posted about in the wood workers thread a couple days back with the transtint dye.


I would definitely be interested in one. All I really need is a standard blank case that’s set up for a Sanwa JLF with the usual japanese button layout or whatever’s on the MadCatz TEs. I would love it even more if it was a 6 button layout instead of 8.


You get to choose the layout and i drill it for you. I actually prefer the 6 button layouts myself as well. With the 6 button layout you also would get the choice of having side holes drilled for the other 2 buttons or not.