Interest Check - Mad Catz Sale at EVO2010

Just want a heads up of what I need to bring…

How many people are interested in purchasing TE sticks, parts, shirts, etc. at EVO 2010?

Please let me know what you’re interested in.

I have the following that I can bring…

[]Super Street Fighter IV TE “S” for Xbox 360 and PS3
]Street Fighter IV TE for Xbox 360 and PS3
[]Street Fighter IV Round 2 TE for Xbox 360 and PS3
]Marvel VS Capcom TE for Xbox 360
[]Tatsunoko VS Capcom FightStick for Wii
]Team Mad Catz Shirt (the one that Daigo wears) Small - 2XL
[*]FightStick parts (lol, surprise; I won’t reveal which ones but expect some ALL new stuff)
Free Aura Blue TE keychain with every purchase at EVO as well.

And of course it will be for a special EVO only discounted rate.

I’ll also have an online sale too for those that can’t make it. But it won’t be as sexy.

yo i just want that keychain with that little tool in it

Maybe something special edition sir? Lemme know if you need help carrying stuff too man!

Parts are always good.

i just want the keychain, kinda makes me feel stupid for A: buying both TE round 1 and round 2 sticks right out the gate and 2: not going to evo. its like im being punished lol

I’m definitely interested in purchasing a stick for a friend, if I find a reasonably priced one I will definitely get one.

I don’t know how much trouble it would be to bring all of them, but I guarantee that if you set up shop there will be a lot of people buying sticks just because of the exposure.

Also those keychains look pretty awesome so I might just get some parts just to get them.

Bring parts at least for sure. People always need buttons and unless they brought extras they could be screwed.

Also, Daigo shirt in 3xl. Im fat. I need a big shirt.

I’ll buy a shirt.

Shirts and sanwa parts please with a free keychain thanks.

Put me down for a shirt and some parts for sure! The real question is do I need another stick? I’m sure I wouldn’t be a tough sell, just would have to make more room in my house. :stuck_out_tongue:

Y0 MarkMan I am unable to make it to EVo but would still be interested in getting a Shirt, when will that online sale be?

The online stuff will go up soon, I’ll have an announcement when it does.

I’ll buy a shirt, but I only want a keychain.

medium shirt plz.

Hey Mark.

Super Street Fighter IV TE “S” for Xbox 360 and PS3 - definitely interested in these
Street Fighter IV TE for Xbox 360 and PS3 - interested
Street Fighter IV Round 2 TE for Xbox 360 and PS3 - intereseted
Marvel VS Capcom TE for Xbox 360 - interested
Tatsunoko VS Capcom FightStick for Wii - not interested
Team Mad Catz Shirt (the one that Daigo wears) Small - 2XL - very interested especially if Daigo can sign it. Fans bring your silver markers!
FightStick parts - I feel fight stick parts are a must. Hope you bring plenty. This would be especially cool if modders were on hand to assist users with their new purchases.

Last but not least, it’s very important to let people know ahead of time what forms of payment you will only accept so there won’t be any gotchas. Trust me I bet plenty of people will show up with their plastic and if you only accept cash, they’re be like uhhhhh…yeah.

Fightstick parts and a shirt for me :pleased:

markman I want a keychain so badly. And a Team Mad Catz t-shirt. And shipping to Canada :slight_smile:

I’ll buy a L shirt and probably some parts for my fightsticks. Maybe even a new stick if its a limited edition one.

Very interested in parts, shirts, and keychains!

team mad catz shirts all the way.size small please? and the keychain of course.