Interest Check: Modded Hori FS3


Just checking to see if anyone would want a modded fs3 and what the going rate would be (to see if it’s worth taking the time to mod it). I have a bunch of extra parts and could put an ls33 or sanwa jlf and some sanwa buttons in, as well as switching to a ps1 dualshock pcb or leaving in the original ps3 pcb in.

I really need a stick! I’d be very interested in buying this when it is completed. If you could possible put in a Sanwa JLF-TP-8Y stick and some Sanwa OBSF-30s I’d be willing to buy it. Also a psx pcb. I have no idea what the rate is, but I’d be very interested.

Also, could you post pics, and would it be possible to gte custom art?

I’m still looking for a stick too. There seems to be plenty of demand around here. I would be interested in the LS-33 and sanwa buttons with PS1 pcb myself.

i’d be very interested in a modded fs3, preferably with seimitsu stick and buttons.

Alright, when I get a chance I’ll mod it it and put it up, could be awhile though. Probably no custom artwork as I would need to make a lexan/plexi top for the thing. I’ll try to make it compatible with the ls33 and jlf so I you want to swap sticks, you could.

arent the fs3’s going for like 25-30 bucks right now?

how much would you want for a modded one?

^ Not sure yet, will see how it turns out and how long the wiring takes me :slight_smile:

Quick question, what would be preferable to most people, to keep the stock look and replace the hori swtiches to sanwa on the buttons (feels the same) or replace 'em completely??

wheres that?

EB/Gamestop for one place

I’d be interested won’t an ls-33 fit and I’d change the buttons completely since your going to have to take the sticker anyway I love that yellow NotANOOB 81 did in the Modding the Hori Fighting Stick 3 thread.

^ yeah, actually, i think i’m gonna throw in the ls33 cause the jlf shaft height ends up being much higher than it should be. looks like i’ll swap the buttons too

All the EB/Gamestops near me don’t even have FS3’s in stock with no plans of ordering them. I’ve seen them on Amazon for like $49.99 in the last couple months but I just checked now and they are out of stock.

the frys in fremont has them for $35. im pretty sure that the frys in sanjose has them for $40 also.

LS-56 is better than LS-33. I modded my FS3. It’s pretty hard modified. I gone under hole metal and I put small square metal on glue under hole. because much too height LS-56 is not enought in space. My opinion… I think LS-33 is fine with FS3.

I should have said the buttons also just because the hori’s become very unresponsive but let me know how it turns out like I said I’m interested especially since I think I just ruined mine by trying to put some old sanwa buttons I had from an antique brydo stick in it.

^ are you saying the hori buttons even with swapped sanwa switches get unresponsive, or just the stock switches?

yeah, you can do it that sanwa button with stock switch but… I like different code layout buttons.

My stick FS3 code layout buttons. this real astro cab layout
[] /\ R1 L1
X O R2 L2

Original FS3 layout buttons this unrealized layout button
L1 [] /\ R1
L2 X O R2

No just the stock hori’s sorry for the confusion homie.

wrong thread sorry.

Just in case this happens and someone has a PSX PCB put in it, I would be interested in buying the FS3’s original PCB.