Interest Check: Multi-gate 4 gates in 1 plate


Sup y’all. Its your boy. AMP Up Customs first mini project. Working on this and was wondering if there would be any interest so I can place orders for this 4-1 gate for Sanwa JLF’s. Let’s hear it.

Not sure if I want to go with Stainless steel which ads weight or go with aluminum which will bring cost down. I will powder coat these. As for the star like hole. It hits funny but in a good way. Its about 4¹/²" diameter. It can be rotated to fit in diff types of joysticks. If I can get enough interest I will proceed and try to get a quote.

AMP Up Customs.
B-boy Tekken.


Erm… you do realise that this won’t fit inside the majority of arcade sticks, right?


Ive been inside many sticks. I wouldn’t have gone this far if it didn’t fit the majority sir. :wink:


Even if this multi-gate fits in most fightsticks… I don’t think users would like to have a piece that big inside the case.
Don’t get me wrong, your work and idea is great but other possible cons for this is that in all the time I’ve been using fightsticks and attended to events, I haven’t see any gamer open the fightstick to change the gate between games. Just a heads up.


Its cool. I’m just looking for feedback. Thank you fearless and Gahrling.

What gave me the idea was the Razor Atrox. That stick is made to open easily.


Yeah, I’d have to agree that the size is a concern. Also, restrictor inserts are so cheap and easy to change that I doubt there would be much of a market. Cool idea though.


Perhaps of that plate was smaller, or 4 separate plates.

Also did you done any testing hwo the metal will react with the plastic actuator?
Will the actuator get torn up and raw from use?


I actually like the idea. The size is already minimized a bit and I could see fitting it in my sticks (maybe not the brawlstick…) but I have a similar concern about the the metal on plastic contact. For a while I had a metal actuator and toodles’ circle gate but I think the gate was getting damaged so I switched back to the default actuator. Or I could have been riding the gate too hard.

Also, the octogram star gate in the upper right is blowing my mind. Was that a thing before now? How does it play beyond funny?


It looks way too big to fit inside an arcade stick. A better path would probably be to simply offer separate, metallic gates. A custom metallic circle gate on a Sanwa JLW feels like butter. It is delicious.

Most people tend to just want to buy separate gates to try them out, or they know specifically which gate they want.