Interest Check: Myoungshin Fanta Airbags -- Modified Korean sticks

Hey guys.

I’m leaving on Thursday to live in Seoul, and one thing that’s been whispered about in the Korean part community is about the Myoungshin Fanta Airbags, a recent custom redesign of the popular Myoungshin Fanta arcade stick.

What is it you ask? From kkolding, who has used one:


For reference, what I have heard are the “Thai” microswitches are essentially the same that Seimitsu uses in their sticks, which are my personal favorites for switches.

As of right now, Airbags are only available from ISTmall which only ships to Korean addresses. This is where I’ll come in as an intermediary.

The Airbags are being sold for around 18,000 Korean won (but I haven’t checked the shipping total to my address in Korea yet, will do when I get there.) Depending on S&H within Korea, I’m planning to sell them for between $22-23 + shipping. Price is in flux right now because I’m not 1000% sure on logistics yet. But that’s what we’re looking at right now.

For now, I’m wanting to know who’s interested in buying these, and how many they want. Any questions, hit me up. If you want a shipping quote, I’ll try to provide one for you once I get to Korea and go to the post office.

Interest List:
FattyWinnarz: 1
The Phantomnaut: 1
hibachifinal: 1 (+1 standard Myoungshin Fanta) (Country Rec’d)
FightGameGuru: 3 (Country Rec’d)
Greymalkin: 1 (Country Rec’d)
rygod: 1
Nobus3r1 ver. 2.0: 2 (Country Rec’d)
slaycruz: 1 (Country Rec’d)
Deadlywolf: 2~3
Fabama: 1 (Country Rec’d)
Johndi: 1
AznSensation: 1
shaunLEGEND: 1 (Country Rec’d)

So long as shipping isn’t obscene, I’d like one.

Shipping shouldn’t be too bad IIRC. I won’t be charging any more than what laugh charges for orders on eTokki, if that helps you.

Probably would be a reasonable estimate to put a Myoungshin in cart on eTokki, and check your shipping total for it, and expect mine to be similar, give or take a few cents.

I am very interested. I want to add that when I got IST’sn MDF arcade stick, it came with an airbag but saw that while it featured that bottom plate and the Matsushita switches, it had Myoungshin’s black thicker actuator and rubber grommet. While I don’t mind that it lacked the right grommet, the actuator didn’t fit very well with the switches as I get unintended inputs.

Hopefully IST isn’t being lazy with it now and providing the real deal.

im definitely interested. count me in.

I’m down to buy three of them, have wanted to get an airbag for quite some time now.

If shipping to the UK is similar to Laugh’s quote, then I’d definitely be interested in trying one of these…

count me in too please!

From the pictures it looks like there are a couple of different ways that these shops customize/modify the Fanta. Any idea which variation(s) the web-store is offering? I might be down for 1-2 of these. Also one of the picture links is borked.

I’m interested fasho @“Missing Person”

I’ll buy 2-3 of them. Count me in.

Right now, I believe I have interest for 15.

Keep it coming. I’ll be grabbing a shipping quote from IST soon, so that will give me a chance to figure out an exact price.

I’m very interested. Count me in for order. I plan on purchasing just 1. Thanks so much.

I’m interested in purchasing one as well. Mark me down please.

I am interested!

Bump for information’s sake.

I can’t order the parts until I get my national ID card. I need that to even place online orders, and even if I didn’t, I need it to get a bank account.

Once I have that, I’ll be able to give you an estimate on the shipping because I’ll know the exact weights.

I’m still open for interest though, if you guys want to at least PM me your countries, I’ll be able to give you shipping estimates soon.

Zip codes shouldn’t matter yet.

I’m interested. USA USA USA

So far I have countries for 3 people.

Also, if your quantities are wrong, let me know.

I’m in for 2…located in the US

im in the same state as slaycruz so yeah USA