INTEREST CHECK: New generation PCB, we can compete with Cthulhu


I have found out that we (me and engineering buddy) can distribute circuit boards (for PS3, PC etc) that carry these properties:

  • Wireless! ~1ms lag
  • Custom programmable! Can controll LEDs. other example: select+fp turns on/off turbo for fp. Comes fully programmed.
  • micro usb dongle as reciever end
  • 10-20 year battery lifespan on 2*AA (not even joking)

An RF transmitter is placed in the case, soldered to the buttons/stick. the usb dongle goes in PS3. Think of it, no cables out of the case. Very good looking…

The technology behind this is VERY new. Logitech uses it on their latest devices. Btw this is serious and realistic, so please respond seriously. Price: 40-100$, depending on the market for this.

usb will look something like this:


I wouldn’t pay much more than the cost of a Sixaxis/DS3 + Axisdapter – so I guess about $50-60.

Oh, and for that price I would expect solderless.

Ok, fair enough. But i must mention that the PS3 controller has only 20 hours of battery life.

No good for Tournament sticks. Tournaments require corded sticks. Also I have my MC cthulhu dual modded with madcatz xbox pcbs.

There is no problem in having both a wired and wireless solution on the same stick. Plug a cable to the case for tournament play, wireless for playing home. We could possibly install a usb output to cope with tournament compatibility.

PS: I am currently installing dual pcb wireless solution on my new stick. will supply pics in this thread when able.

I can have a casual stick too, can’t I?

its pretty cool in general though. I dont know why you would be tryin to compete w/ cthulhu though - the markets for wireless vs basic usb dont necessarily overlap much.

Ofc not, just trying to get attention in the title. Sorry if I crossed a line by doing that :sweat:

How much average latency difference are we talking here if you’re playing with a wireless stick and being 5-6ft away from the console receiver?

Wait, why would this wireless implementation not be tournament legal? Its not like a bluetooth controller on ps3 that syncs with it, it syncs with the usb dongle - if thats removed when its not being used, theres no chance of that controller fucking anything up outside of the user’s own matches

Joking or not I would love to hear how this works.

Cause it sounds impossible

How battery last that long?
I want to know with LuckyDay.

The batteries could last for a million billion years and wireless would still suck.

And, frankly, I’d rather support Toodles. No offense, I’m sure you’re a nice guy and all, but Toodles has been around here supporting the tech needs of the community for years.

I’m pretty sure the batteries would start leaking way before 20 years…

Yeah, I’m skeptical of some of the details.

But to be honest, and to answer your question, I would find it useful for PC gaming. I could keep it constantly plugged into my PC and have a dedicated stick for GGPO and PC without the cable.

If it was about $50 and was a quality product I would buy one for a PC stick.

Hey, this is not some personal vendetta with Toodles! If the community doesn’t support our product, we will not make them:rolleyes: This is an interest check, remember? Think of it as giving the community another option.

We are going to implement a prototype on my stick today. We will measure latency 5-6ft from the receiver for you, if we get it to work. Dual PCB is a bit harder, but I hope we make it today…

Of course I am talking about power consumption of the tech, not taking battery leakage into account. 10-20 years is battery lifespan for their remote controls (not ir). So yes, a fight stick would be used somewhat more. It’s none the less over a year worth of active gaming probably. I will reply later today more specifically about power consumption on a stick with and without LEDs.

I am not the tech wiz, my buddy is, but this company are producing the chips.

Fix the title “cuthulu”

If it’s 360/PS3/PC and doesn’t cost a fortune i’d probably buy some.

Considering a SIXAXIS PCB + AXISdapter would be under $60 - I’m not particularly interested in a USB dongle PCB for roughly the same amount of money when I could go with a Bluetooth + wired option with the SIXAXIS PCB.

Couldn’t you just padhack a MadCatz PS3 FightPad and have the same functionality you’re offering? (with the exception of the few USB incompatibilities)

You’re better off figuring out how to crack microsoft’s controller security, then everyone will start shelling out the $$$ :lol: